My Dream Summer Makeup Bag...

Thursday, 31 May 2012
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[All pictures from Harrods online]

So this is definatly going to be a dream make up bag as I don't think I could afford these things unless I won the lottery, but I do think I will invest in some of the pieces from here. When I was asked to come up with a dream summer make up bag I was rather pleased, who doesn't love creating wishlists of make up?! When I am dreaming of shopping I often drift of into a day dream of massive department stores and which department store is more dreamy than Harrods. I haven't been there, but I am determined to spend a full day there one day, admiring the beauty counter, the food hall and all the various things they have for animals.

One of the most expensive lipsticks that I have ever come across, apart from the crazy ?1 million ones, and from the reviews that I have read they are one of the most luxurious. The colour flamingo would be perfect for summer to add that pop of colour to a makeup look. 

Clinique mascaras have always been on my mental radar, they always seem to be spot on with the claims that they make and the high impact version sounds right up my street, I love thick long lashes regardless of the time of year. I think lashings of lashes look amazing, the longer the better... until they look ridiculous of course.

Nails are the one part of my beauty regime that I go all out on pretty much all of the time. I love bright colours, neutral colours, nail art and the rest. You name it I would have either tried it or want to try it. OPI nail polishes are ones that I have tried and been consistently impressed with so I most definatly will have a few of these in my summer make up bag. 

When you think about highlighters one of the most talked about products are they Bobbi Brownshimmer bricks. So how could I possibly leave these out of a summer makeup bag. Highlighting has become a new must step in my makeup regime, I love the look of highlighted cheek bones and especially highlighting under my brow bone. 

Something that goes hand in hand with highlighting is of course contouring. For years I just applied bronzer like blusher and probably just looked like an idiot, but since blogging I have been introduced to the art of contouring. Although I love my sleek contour kit I think the Tom Ford one just oozes luxury. 

As I said before during the summer manicured nails are pretty much a done deal with most ladies and I am forever after treatments that help me get nice long nails. OPI's nail envy worked well but it has been used up very quickly and is rather pricey. I'm hoping Essie's version would be a more cost effective solution.

Now these are the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Just look at the eyeshadow palette from Estee Lauder, wow. The beautiful neutral bronze colours are right up my street and then the bright aqua blue really drawers my attention. I never wear colours on my eyes, something I am trying to change, but when I look at this I really want to wear this. Ok, it may only be as an eyeliner but still. Its a beautiful colour and I want it on my eyes. The same goes for the blusher, the immaculate packaging and gorgeous colours just scream summer to me. 

Finally, for me summer means wearing a sheer coverage base and maybe if I am brave enough this summer then no base at all? (as if!).  These Laura Mercier products have always been raved about here in the blogging world and I think this summer might be the time for me to try them. I always crave a fresh faced base, but then I always chicken out and run back to full coverage. I think an investment in these could change my mind.

What would be in your summer makeup bag?
Be as extravagant as you like!


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Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Blusher Brush...

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The third and final brush that I have bought from the Real Techniques range is the blusher brush. Although it is called the Blusher Brush, I use the brush mainly for contouring and that is due to the shape.
The pointed part is perfect for picking up a small amount of product to allow you to build up the colour in a concentrated area, unlike the brush I was using before which would "splodge" a large amount of colour and then I would be left forever blending. 
Having said that, with the softness of this brush I wouldn't mind forever blending. This brush, like both the other Real Techniques Brushes I have is so soft that it is a joy to use. 
Cleans well, keeps it's shape and hasn't shed on me. I would 100% recommend this brush to anyone.
Have you tried it?

Are there any other Real Techniques Brushes that I should try?



Tan Orangic...

Monday, 21 May 2012
Tan Organic -  €19.99 *

First off I have to say this post was due to go up ages ago, but due to blogger having a moment - by a moment I mean deleting the post and then saving a blank page - It's taken a little longer to re-type. So now I am sat down settled with a mug of peppermint tea ready to tell you about this little gem of a fake tan.

Tan Organic is a brand that was created by Noelle O'Connor and was even featured on Dragons Den in Ireland, creating the most successful business on there to date.
Tan Organic, as you probably guessed from the name is organic, but more than that it is the only genuine organic tanning solution on the market with 95% certified organic ingredients. The tan even comes in a glass bottle (be careful with this and bathroom tiles) because the chemicals in plastic can sometimes leach out and mix with the product inside (something I never even thought about). Even the darkness of the bottle is thought through, it is dark to prevent  UV light from affecting the tan inside. Personally I love the glass bottle, it feels so luxurious. When faced with the task of creating a travel sized bottle, instead of just using plastic, Tan Organic actually use a bio bottle made from renewable extracts of corn and it's even biodegradable!!

On to my experience with the tan, now I used this tan as a light tan to be suitable for work (even though I would love to look like I have had a two week holiday in the Maldives, in work I would just look silly) and for me this works perfectly. After moisturising my knees, elbows and feet, I spray the product onto the tan mitt * and rub in small circular motions in different sections of my body. I usually split my legs into two sections, my arms, back, stomach and then face. Sometimes it was easier to spray onto my body and then rub with the mitt depending on which part. 

The guide colour wasn't as dark as I am used to so the first time I missed some bits, luckily I could just touch them up with a bit of the tan on a cotton wool pad and I was soon evened out, but on the second tanning session I had mastered the technique and there were no missed parts. I developed over night with no biscuit tan smell, just a natural scent and washed it off in the morning leaving me with a subtle tan perfect for a working woman (wow I sound so old!!). I chose to apply the tan lightly to get a subtle colour but you can build it up by applying more layers once the previous layer has dried. 

I am still trying out the oil from this brand so look out of a review of that in a couple of weeks. 



*Sent for review

Biore New Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips...

Friday, 18 May 2012

Whilst wandering the aisles of Sainsburys one week I stopped to read more about the Biore nose strips. I had seen some bloggers talking about them and when I inspected my nose more closely in the mirror that evening I was shocked (and slightly disgusted) that my nose had little black dots all over it! Many people on twitter recommended these so I popped them in my trolley. They were on offer too, so there was no way that I was going to let that opportunity pass me by.
It's recommended you don't use them too much so I use them as part of my "Sunday night major pamper session" which involves a good couple of hours to myself.
You just have a cleansed face, water, the strip itself and 10 minutes. Make sure your nose is really wet then peel the strip away from the plastic and apply to your nose, as shown in the picture, then leave for ten minutes, peel off (CAREFULLY) and then stare at the gunk that has been pulled out of your nose!
To see in more detail how it works watch the video:

For £7.99 you get 6 strips, which if you use them the same amount of times a week as I do will last 6 weeks. I think this is really good value for money especially as they really do work. Plus the more you use them it can make pores smaller too. 
I love them and the best part for me is actually seeing the rubbish on the strip afterwards. It's so gross but I can't stop staring at it!! I suppose the fact that the black dots on my nose are vanishing is a good part too!
Do you use these?



*Biore contacted me after I bought my first back to see whether I would like to receive more strips and other products from the line to review.

17 Lip Stain in Berry Crush - Cherry Berry...

Thursday, 17 May 2012

*one point that has made me laugh when reading the boots online reviews of this is the amount of people that say "there is no name on the product", well as you can see from my picture it is the LARGE WRITING down the side..haha*
Apparently I am WRONG haha...whoops, maybe I don't have Berry Crush - I have Cherry Berry 

The idea of a lipstain always puzzled me. Personally I like the option of changing my lip colour throughout the day, and have been known to carry about 6 different colours around with me. Yes I got the fact that it would last all day, but I have some lipsticks that do that without leaving you lips looking really dry. Then when I was in boots I bit the bullet and bought it. 
To be honest the first time I used it, for the purpose of blog photos, I loved it. Went on really opaque, love the colour, the balm made it not dry (I didn't have any dry bits on my lips to stick to) and it did last for ever. I had to prove to Matt that I could kiss his cheek and not leave a lipstick print on it!! Although a mega downside - if you don't scrub your lips to within an inch of their life you will wake up with pink lips the next day!
From there though, it has been a slippery slope downwards. I have only owned this for a few weeks but already it is drying out. I store it upside down and always make sure the lid is clicked on but the colour is just not the same, it now applies patchy and even the balm can't save it. I now use it under similar colour lipsticks to make them "pop" and last longer but that defies the object of the product in the first place.

Have you used any lipstains?
Are there better ones out there?
Do you see the point of them?


Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart...

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Another one of my Revlon Lip Butter purchases, this one is the third out of five! Sweet Tart is a really nice everyday pink that you can build up to be quite opaque or wear as more of a glossy finish.

This is the second lightest lip butter that I bought within the lot and this is more my "daytime" colour than Strawberry Shortcake. I still like to have a fair amount of colour with my nude lip colours. 

The more I wear these the more I fall in love with them, its just that I would never have picked up some of the colours that I own if it weren't for the 3 for 2 offer that was on. I would have stuck to the "safe" colours that I own and not have bought ones that I didn't think I would wear. To experiment with colours I would go for something cheaper like the 17 Mirror Shine Lipsticks which are glossy like these.



Lush Ocean Salt Facial Scrub...

Saturday, 12 May 2012

This is something that I had over looked so many times in LUSH until I noticed it pop up on a few bloggers favourite posts and videos and I thought that I needed to take note.
The Lush Ocean Salt Scrub is basically what it says on the tin. A scrub that is full of sea salt, avocado butter, coconut oil, lanolin, seaweed and more! (Even lime soaked in vodka ;) ).
First off, word of warning. DO NOT GET THIS IN YOUR MOUTH. I was merrily scrubbing away the first time I used this then BAM saltyness overload! I was thirsty for ages. Keep a good perimeter around your mouth when you scrub.
Anyway, the good bits. This scrub is amazing, I am fed up of using scrubs but them not really scrubbing at all. The sea salt is really coarse, maybe too coarse for some people, but I just scrub fairly softly. This leaves my face feeling really soft, a little red for a couple of minutes so I would only use this at nice. Plus the alcohol in it may be drying for some people but lashings of moisturiser on afterwards and my skin is fine.
I have small bumps down the side of my face (kerotosis pilaris) and this really helps that, plus I use it  on my arms too and I have noticed that it is a lot smoother than usual.
The blue in the scrub is the coarser of the two parts which you are supposed to mix up. I think I would prefer Lush to do one pot of just the blue part and one of the white part, would just be easier... Or mix it up already? As they are both in the same pot I don't see how you would use them separately anyway, there is far less of the blue than white.
Have you used this?
What do you think?


PS It's my birthday tomorrow :) 

NARS Laguna Bronzer...

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Ahh so the infamous NARS Laguna Bronzer you are finally mine. Thanks to the lovely people at Buyapowa who asked me to pick a product to put on their website and me choosing this. It went for £18 plus p&p in the end and sold out really fast.

Now onto the NARS Laguna Bronzer itself. This is probably the most perfect bronzer, the high end version to the Bourjois Bronzer, it is a matte powder (the website says there is shimmer but I seriously see none when its on my face) which is perfect for contouring. You can use such a light hand with this product so that you can have a really subtle contour or build it up to a heavily contoured face but without looking orange.
This is also a nice to do a light bronzing for an all over face colour.

The packaging is the usual NARS rubber which is beautiful but gets so dirty that it is a pain. The powder is known for cracking and crumbling hence my picture of my backup already being a bit beaten up. 
£25 is a lot of money for the bronzer but a little goes a long way and as long as it doesn't crack up it will last forever. 

What do you think of the infamous NARS Laguna Bronzer?



Deal Collector...

Monday, 7 May 2012

In recent months websites like Groupon and Wowcher etc have flown into the public eye for being great sites to grab a bargain but as there are so many of them I find myself being restricted to looking at only the ones I can remember or be bothered to type in.
That's why when I was contacted by Deal Collector about their site I knew I would be blogging about it. 
Deal Collector lists all the offers on from all these sites  in one really easy to navigate site. I have to be honest there are so many websites listed there that I have never even heard of so there would have been so many deals that I may have missed out on.
Not only that, but Deal Collector will also sort them into the ones in and around your city so you don't have to sort the deals out yourselves like some other deal websites I have seen!!
Deal Collector works like this - Everyday there are new deals, which have to have a minimum number of buyers to take place, if you buy the deal you get emailed a coupon which you can redeem whenever. Simples!
I have to be honest with you, deal collector is now checked everyday by me to see whats around, I used to go on groupon and then wahanda etc but now I just check here!
The pages linked have defaulted to my home city but you can just change that at the top of the page.



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Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Powder Brush...

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Here is the second part of my Real Techniques purchases . The Real Techniques Powder Brush was one that I grabbed last as a "Oh well one will be free" brush. To be honest I was using an old AVON large brush to apply powder as I rarely remember to set my makeup. 

This brush is massive, really soft and really easy to use. I do love it and having it has made me want to use powder on my face more. 

There isn't really much to say about this brush, I don't use it for bronzing or anything like that but I have heard good things.

Really cannot recommend these brushes brushes enough!



Bobbi Brown Cream Blusher - Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in Fresh Melon...

Friday, 4 May 2012

Another product that I got from the St David's Ladies Night the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Fresh Melon.
As you are probably aware if you read my blog or watch my videos I am trying to embrace blusher after years of not wearing any. On the even the make up artist Hannah originally put a bright pink blusher on me, which I did like but in reality I would never wear it so I didn't want to waste a product.
This was the second blusher that she bought to my attention and it was love at first sight (wasn't it Leanne!!?) This blusher is a lovely peachy colour that looks much more natural on my cheeks and is something that I will (and have) been wearing for the majority of the time.
This blusher is very dewy so I'm not sure how it would fair on oily skin but as my skin is very normal this lasts all day for me. 
Do you own any Bobbi Brown?
What do you think to cream blushers?



Topshop Lip Stick - Clueless...

Thursday, 3 May 2012
Topshop Lip Stick - Clueless - £7

Noticing a trend with the hot pink lipstick?
If you read my Mac Candy Yum Yum post you may be realising which lip product is a perfect dupe! You really don't need anymore clues!
Topshop makeup has impressed me beyond any other brand recently (on par with Revlon) and I have been snapping things up hence the amount of Topshop Makeup Products on my blog.
Clueless is a matte finish lip stick but in a chubby stick which I really like, less bulky than a normal lipstick. However this is matte without being drying and my lips don't look like they need a good scrub when I am wearing it.
Hot pink, not drying, cheap (ish) and cruelty free!! What more could you want?



Guest Post... Cafe La Moda

Wednesday, 2 May 2012
* Guest Post from Saisha Potts from Cafe La Moda.

Review...Eco Tools.

I’ve found a new cosmetics crush (yes, I’m fickle) and I think it’s love!
Eco tools have been on my radar for a while now and I decided it was about time I checked them out after hearing some amazing reviews likening them to higher-end and luxury brands’ tools at half the price – what’s not to love?
The big selling point for me was that Eco tools are not only 100% cruelty free, but also kind to the planet; their cosmetic brushes, which are probably what their most well-known for, are made from bamboo, recycled aluminium and have the softest bristles, like, ever, made of synthetic taklon. Their cosmetic bags are also made from a blend of cotton and hemp with PET lining whilst their bath tools are made from 100% recycled plastic netting and all their packaging is re-usable or recyclable – phew! What’s more (yep, there’s more!), they regularly support and donate to conservation and wildlife charities so you can banish those feelings of guilt when you splurge.
And if all of that wasn’t enough to have you hooked, they have the biggest range of tools a pamper queen could ever wish for: cellulose facial sponges, poufs, body brushes, exfoliating gloves, pumice stones, sleep masks and moisturizing gloves are just a handful of the professional products they’ve created.
With good reason, the brushes and brush sets have been gaining a loyal fanbase since coming onto the market in 2008 and, believe me, they have the makings to be a classic cult hit in the making. Eco tools have produced all the cosmetic brushes you could ever need, from your basic powder, foundation and bronzer brushes to buffers, finishing brushes and angled eyeliner brushes. I love the fact that many of the brushes double up too: for example, the blush brush can also be used to apply powder and the eyeliner can double up as a brow brush – genius. The bristles are gorgeously soft, handles are long and easy to grip and the brushes are precise and pick up product easily. In fact, they give my MAC and Bobbi Brown brushes a good run for their money with a reasonable price point that everyone can afford.
I can’t recommend Eco tools’ products enough and I love that they’re setting an eco-friendly, cruelty-free precedent for other brands.
Saisha Potts writes on behalf of, the social fashion site. Compare cosmetics at Cafe La Moda by following the link.

I'm now thinking I need to try some of these brushes!