17 Lip Stain in Berry Crush - Cherry Berry...

Thursday, 17 May 2012

*one point that has made me laugh when reading the boots online reviews of this is the amount of people that say "there is no name on the product", well as you can see from my picture it is the LARGE WRITING down the side..haha*
Apparently I am WRONG haha...whoops, maybe I don't have Berry Crush - I have Cherry Berry 

The idea of a lipstain always puzzled me. Personally I like the option of changing my lip colour throughout the day, and have been known to carry about 6 different colours around with me. Yes I got the fact that it would last all day, but I have some lipsticks that do that without leaving you lips looking really dry. Then when I was in boots I bit the bullet and bought it. 
To be honest the first time I used it, for the purpose of blog photos, I loved it. Went on really opaque, love the colour, the balm made it not dry (I didn't have any dry bits on my lips to stick to) and it did last for ever. I had to prove to Matt that I could kiss his cheek and not leave a lipstick print on it!! Although a mega downside - if you don't scrub your lips to within an inch of their life you will wake up with pink lips the next day!
From there though, it has been a slippery slope downwards. I have only owned this for a few weeks but already it is drying out. I store it upside down and always make sure the lid is clicked on but the colour is just not the same, it now applies patchy and even the balm can't save it. I now use it under similar colour lipsticks to make them "pop" and last longer but that defies the object of the product in the first place.

Have you used any lipstains?
Are there better ones out there?
Do you see the point of them?



  1. These do always look lovely, but I've had a bad experience of a Max Factor one drying out after ONE use which has made me dubious of these products! x

  2. I have a Gosh one that I've had about 3 months and it hasn't dried up yet :)

    Jayde x


  3. This looks stunning on you! Haha, well, Berry Crush is the name of the Lip Stain, not the color's name, which I think is what people are complaining about. Once you take the plastic wrapper off, you lose the color's name. But I believe the color you have is Cherry Berry.

    1. HAHAHA I DID NOT KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
      How funny!!!!
      Thanks Lauren!! x

    2. LOL, you're welcome hun! It is rather confusing. Berry Crush sounds like the name of a color, not the name of a lip stain range. xx

  4. I find it annoying that the colour name disappears once you take the wrapper off. I have 3 and when I swatched them for my blog I couldn't remember the names and had to search through my bin for the wrappers!lol! I would also say this colour was Cherry Berry or maybe Pinkini. I have had the same drying out experience though. I was thinking of trying the Rimmel ones but not I want to spend money on something that is also going to dry up after a few weeks...

  5. Never tried lipstains as I've heard so much about them drying out quickly and being a waste of money, this looks lovely on you though so it's a shame it didn't last!

    Jess xo

  6. Wow this colour looks gorgeous, major colour payoff. Something I may have to invest in!


  7. It looks gorgeous on your lips but such a shame about it drying out! I own a MaxFactor lip stain and it dried out the second time I went to use it.. rubbish X

  8. been meaning to pick up one of these but they do seem like theyll just dry out quite quickly!

  9. The colour looks gorgeous on you but such a shame about it drying out! I've never ventured into lip stains as I'm a bit of a colour-phobe but their longevity does sound right up my street, so maybe one day :)