Bobbi Brown Cream Blusher - Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in Fresh Melon...

Friday, 4 May 2012

Another product that I got from the St David's Ladies Night the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Fresh Melon.
As you are probably aware if you read my blog or watch my videos I am trying to embrace blusher after years of not wearing any. On the even the make up artist Hannah originally put a bright pink blusher on me, which I did like but in reality I would never wear it so I didn't want to waste a product.
This was the second blusher that she bought to my attention and it was love at first sight (wasn't it Leanne!!?) This blusher is a lovely peachy colour that looks much more natural on my cheeks and is something that I will (and have) been wearing for the majority of the time.
This blusher is very dewy so I'm not sure how it would fair on oily skin but as my skin is very normal this lasts all day for me. 
Do you own any Bobbi Brown?
What do you think to cream blushers?




  1. Love a dual use product, get way more use from it. I'm huge blush fan, probably put way too much on. I feel like I look ill if I dont have a wash of pink on my cheeks. MAC make my fave colours but I tend to to use cream ones because I have a few scars on my cheeks and the creamy ones settle in them x

  2. Blush gets applied to Charli's cheeks...
    I want a piece of the action...
    Blush gets applied to my cheeks...
    Charli : "It's nice isnt it, are you going to get it?"
    Leanne : "Oh I love it but I's so pretty though"
    Charli : "You should get it"
    Leanne : "......Oh GO ON THEN"
    Whips out bank card and pays.

  3. Love the look of this! Unfortunately £18 is too much for me :( on the hunt for a true highstreet cream blush if you know any?


    1. GOSH do some nice ones! :-) Bit more affordable x

  4. This looks beautiful! Popping this on my wishlist asap hehe xo

  5. This looks absolutely lovely, might have to add it to my wish list! x

  6. This looks like a lovely, wearable blush color! I have been considering picking up one of the Pot Rouges in the coral color, but this one might actually suit my fair skin better. Thanks for sharing!

    xx Louise

  7. This looks lovely! I don't own any Bobbi Brown products but I definitely want to go get some! xxx