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Monday, 7 May 2012

In recent months websites like Groupon and Wowcher etc have flown into the public eye for being great sites to grab a bargain but as there are so many of them I find myself being restricted to looking at only the ones I can remember or be bothered to type in.
That's why when I was contacted by Deal Collector about their site I knew I would be blogging about it. 
Deal Collector lists all the offers on from all these sites  in one really easy to navigate site. I have to be honest there are so many websites listed there that I have never even heard of so there would have been so many deals that I may have missed out on.
Not only that, but Deal Collector will also sort them into the ones in and around your city so you don't have to sort the deals out yourselves like some other deal websites I have seen!!
Deal Collector works like this - Everyday there are new deals, which have to have a minimum number of buyers to take place, if you buy the deal you get emailed a coupon which you can redeem whenever. Simples!
I have to be honest with you, deal collector is now checked everyday by me to see whats around, I used to go on groupon and then wahanda etc but now I just check here!
The pages linked have defaulted to my home city but you can just change that at the top of the page.



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