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Saturday, 12 May 2012

This is something that I had over looked so many times in LUSH until I noticed it pop up on a few bloggers favourite posts and videos and I thought that I needed to take note.
The Lush Ocean Salt Scrub is basically what it says on the tin. A scrub that is full of sea salt, avocado butter, coconut oil, lanolin, seaweed and more! (Even lime soaked in vodka ;) ).
First off, word of warning. DO NOT GET THIS IN YOUR MOUTH. I was merrily scrubbing away the first time I used this then BAM saltyness overload! I was thirsty for ages. Keep a good perimeter around your mouth when you scrub.
Anyway, the good bits. This scrub is amazing, I am fed up of using scrubs but them not really scrubbing at all. The sea salt is really coarse, maybe too coarse for some people, but I just scrub fairly softly. This leaves my face feeling really soft, a little red for a couple of minutes so I would only use this at nice. Plus the alcohol in it may be drying for some people but lashings of moisturiser on afterwards and my skin is fine.
I have small bumps down the side of my face (kerotosis pilaris) and this really helps that, plus I use it  on my arms too and I have noticed that it is a lot smoother than usual.
The blue in the scrub is the coarser of the two parts which you are supposed to mix up. I think I would prefer Lush to do one pot of just the blue part and one of the white part, would just be easier... Or mix it up already? As they are both in the same pot I don't see how you would use them separately anyway, there is far less of the blue than white.
Have you used this?
What do you think?


PS It's my birthday tomorrow :) 


  1. I used to use this years ago but then stopped because I found it too harsh after a while! I want to try it again though! I think more of the blue part needs to be put in though because once you mix it altogether there isn't much of it at all in comparison to the white xo

  2. This looks so amazing, I'm so tempted to try it out xx

  3. I've been using this every other day and I love it! I agree, you must be gentle with it AND lmao, I got a bit of it in my mouth too and hugely regretted it. xx

  4. I wish they did Lush in Malta- they do deliver but mine took ages last time and arrived mouldy! I think this would be perfect for me though, I have oily skin so dont mind if something is a bit drying and I like a scrub to be a good scrubber too! xx

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  5. It looks really nice, that's great that you found it works well for you. The only problem that I have found with Lush is that most of their products are a little too strongly scented for my taste, how is this one?

    Nat x