My Dream Summer Makeup Bag...

Thursday, 31 May 2012
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[All pictures from Harrods online]

So this is definatly going to be a dream make up bag as I don't think I could afford these things unless I won the lottery, but I do think I will invest in some of the pieces from here. When I was asked to come up with a dream summer make up bag I was rather pleased, who doesn't love creating wishlists of make up?! When I am dreaming of shopping I often drift of into a day dream of massive department stores and which department store is more dreamy than Harrods. I haven't been there, but I am determined to spend a full day there one day, admiring the beauty counter, the food hall and all the various things they have for animals.

One of the most expensive lipsticks that I have ever come across, apart from the crazy ?1 million ones, and from the reviews that I have read they are one of the most luxurious. The colour flamingo would be perfect for summer to add that pop of colour to a makeup look. 

Clinique mascaras have always been on my mental radar, they always seem to be spot on with the claims that they make and the high impact version sounds right up my street, I love thick long lashes regardless of the time of year. I think lashings of lashes look amazing, the longer the better... until they look ridiculous of course.

Nails are the one part of my beauty regime that I go all out on pretty much all of the time. I love bright colours, neutral colours, nail art and the rest. You name it I would have either tried it or want to try it. OPI nail polishes are ones that I have tried and been consistently impressed with so I most definatly will have a few of these in my summer make up bag. 

When you think about highlighters one of the most talked about products are they Bobbi Brownshimmer bricks. So how could I possibly leave these out of a summer makeup bag. Highlighting has become a new must step in my makeup regime, I love the look of highlighted cheek bones and especially highlighting under my brow bone. 

Something that goes hand in hand with highlighting is of course contouring. For years I just applied bronzer like blusher and probably just looked like an idiot, but since blogging I have been introduced to the art of contouring. Although I love my sleek contour kit I think the Tom Ford one just oozes luxury. 

As I said before during the summer manicured nails are pretty much a done deal with most ladies and I am forever after treatments that help me get nice long nails. OPI's nail envy worked well but it has been used up very quickly and is rather pricey. I'm hoping Essie's version would be a more cost effective solution.

Now these are the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Just look at the eyeshadow palette from Estee Lauder, wow. The beautiful neutral bronze colours are right up my street and then the bright aqua blue really drawers my attention. I never wear colours on my eyes, something I am trying to change, but when I look at this I really want to wear this. Ok, it may only be as an eyeliner but still. Its a beautiful colour and I want it on my eyes. The same goes for the blusher, the immaculate packaging and gorgeous colours just scream summer to me. 

Finally, for me summer means wearing a sheer coverage base and maybe if I am brave enough this summer then no base at all? (as if!).  These Laura Mercier products have always been raved about here in the blogging world and I think this summer might be the time for me to try them. I always crave a fresh faced base, but then I always chicken out and run back to full coverage. I think an investment in these could change my mind.

What would be in your summer makeup bag?
Be as extravagant as you like!


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  1. i would love some of that makeup myself but cannot afford all of it. We can dream can't we!

    Jackie |

  2. I love your picks :) If you do try the Essie product, can't wait to hear a review on it as I also love OPI's Nail Envy :)


  3. I recently bought Laura Mercier's Mineral Powder and I love it! I just wish it wasn't so expensive xxx