Agenda Beauty Cheek Shimmer in Pink Panther...

Friday, 29 June 2012

Agenda Beauty Cheek Shimmer - Pink Panther - £10.40 *

Agenda Beauty is a cosmetics company that my attention was drawn to via twitter. The company is run by a mother and daughter team who have worked to create a fun range of makeup products who work along side make up artists.

I was sent the Agenda Beauty Cheek Shimmer in Pink Panther to have a play with over the past week. Pink Panther is something that I would have never ever bought myself, a pink highlighter is honestly something that I would have glanced at and made no further action. For someone who rarely wears blusher, pink shimmers usually send me running for the hills, which I why I was so surprised that I actually love this product.

The packaging is really cute, I really like the black sturdy design with a clear lid to see the colour of the blush. However, the brush underneath I think is a waste. I never use the little brushes and unless the pot had "fallen" open I wouldn't have gone looking for the brush. 

The product itself is an ultra-fine powder with a really high amount of pigmentation. When applied to my face it leaves an icey pink highlight which I love. I never thought I would ever go for a shimmery cheek but this has 100% changed my mind. Pink Panther lasts all day which is nice, I love that my makeup can look the same at 6:30am and 6pm!

What do you think?



The Body Shop Bronzer in 01...

Thursday, 28 June 2012
The Body Shop Bronzer

This was one of the gifts I had for my birthday from Leanne, as if I needed another bronzer haha, but I have to say I really like it and I am glad to add it to the "collection".
The Body Shop Bronzer is housed in a rather sturdy case which is appropriately a mixture of dark browns and oranges. The compact comes with a mirror, which yes is so handy but I never seem to find myself using them - is that just me? I always carry a separate mirror with me.
The honeycomb pattern of the powder is so pleasing on the eye that unless I used the powder straight away it would have very quickly become one of those products that I would have never used, due to the fact that I didn't want to ruin the pattern. A sad but true fact in the way I think about things, mainly makeup and stationary.
The powder itself is very soft but slightly chalky, it was rather nice running my finger across it to pick up the swatch. As you can see by the swatch it isn't very dark (this is in the light shade) so for me this is perfect for adding a bronzed look to my face rather than contouring. I need something slightly darker to contour. 



Sample Overload...

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

After reading Leanne's post on her sample haulage, it made me look at the amount of things that I have which a) I haven't even tried b) am "saving" - for what I don't know c) tried and didn't like but have still kept and d) things that I just want to not use. (There are more products!! I just couldn't fit everything into shots).
I have a massive "thing" for collecting products (and stationary) and have this fear of using products because they are too pretty etc.
Now this is sort of the case with samples. I have no idea why I don't just get stuck in and use them, maybe I don't want to like it and fork out on the full size or maybe it's just because I like having a lot of options.
This needs to change, I have far too many beauty related items and I really want to condense things down. The empties videos that I do on my Youtube channel have helped with this and I do feel a sense of achievement when I use products up.
So this is my pledge to all the samples that have sat in my storage -

You will be used.

Am I alone in this?



Neal & Wolf Intensive Hair Treatment...

Monday, 25 June 2012

A couple of months ago now I bit the bullet and went for the ombre hair look. Whilst I absolutely love my hair now there is no denying that a lashing of bleach to the ends of some already damaged hair wasn't going to be the best combination that I could have dreamt up.

 This is where various hair masks and oils have played a massive part in allowing me to keep my ombre locks without looking frazzled. The Neal & Wolf Harmony Intensive Hair Treatment mask is one I have been using for the past month and I really believe that this mask is brilliant at making my split ends look more subtle than usual.

The Harmony range has been "specially created to repair damaged hair, using a unique combination of intensive conditioners that deliver an instant transformation.
The difference in texture and appearance is truly stunning, leaving hair shiny, healthy and manageable."

I use this Intensive Care Treatment once a week, on my Sunday Pamper session after shampooing with the Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo. I leave it on for about 10 minutes and sit back, and if I am honest I watch youtube videos on my iphone haha. When I wash this out of my hair I am left with the most silky feeling hair ever. Hair that I just want to run my hands through and through. Even when dry and straightened my hair is left super soft.

I really recommend this as a hair treatment, especially if you have really dry, damaged hair.



MAC Candy Yum Yum Dupes...

Tuesday, 19 June 2012




l-r Topshop - Clueless, Barry M - 62, MAC - Candy Yum Yum, Sleek - Fuschia

Now here is a post that I have been so excited to type up, mainly to try and distract me from the disappointment that is MAC Candy Yum Yum.
I was so gutted when I missed the boat on this lipstick the first time around, a neon pink lipstick that promised to be brighter than bright, right up my street. Every MAC was sold out and the only way that I could buy it was by spending £80, yes EIGHTY, on ebay....umm the words HELL and NO come to mind.
But I could not get this lipstick out of my head, as silly as it sounds, I just could not believe that there was a lipstick that could even come close, especially after seeing blog posts on it.
I hunted the highstreet for dupes, which in hindsight are amazing lipsticks in themselves, but I still wasn't convinced that they were as good as MAC Candy Yum Yum. 
The chance for me to get my hands on Candy Yum Yum came when it was placed on a twitter sale, I think for around £17 maybe? I think I try and shield myself from the cost of this lipstick.
I was so excited, literally ripping it open when it arrived. Applied it straight away, and there was this massive "oh, is that it!" moment.
I looks almost exactly the same to the other bright pinks that I own (all shown above), there are some differences, Sleek Fuschia is a little darker but the other two are almost exactly the same, much cheaper and much more easier to get hold of.
Topshop Clueless is a little dryer than Mac Candy Yum Yum, so is Barry M, but Sleek's Fuschia is quite moisturising. 
Oh and the best part for me, now that MAC is no longer cruelty free the dupes I have shown here are all cruelty free brands.... I love this.

So what do you think?
Did I find some pretty good dupes?
Have you ever had the hunt for a makeup item that you just HAD TO have?



Bumble & Bumble Sunday Shampoo...

Friday, 15 June 2012
Bumble & Bumble - Sunday Shampoo - £15.50

As someone who often (ok all the time) uses dry shampoo, hairspray and various other hair products the frequency of my hair washing was gradually increasing until one day I realised that I had washed my hair everyday in the past week.
Then through the magical world of blogging and twitter I heard about this brand Bumble and Bumble and how they had this Sunday Shampoo that is a once a week detox for hair to remove build up of products. 
Bumble & Bumble advise that people with coloured hair do not use this, I have coloured hair but it is so close to my natural colour now that this really doesn't bother me. To be honest I haven't noticed much of a difference in the colour.
I have had this shampoo for 3 weeks now and have used it 4 times, there hardly looks like any has been used in the bottle! I use a small amount on a Sunday evening (I have a Sunday evening pamper session so all weekly rituals happen on a Sunday evening for me..cosmetic wise.) instead of my usual shampoo. Wash and condition as usual. My hair feels the cleanest it's ever felt after using this, but it doesn't leave my hair flat or feeling dry either. It also allows me to leave my hair three, YES THREE, days without washing my hair. This is unheard of with my greasy roots.
This shampoo is now a firm staple in my bathroom, it's also helped massively with the slight dandruff that I notice from time to time (ew I know). 
There was a long time ago that a hairdresser once told me that you can have the same effect from suing washing up liquid once a week on your hair..but this is far more luxurious! There is also talk of a boots own version which I may pick up and try out.
As for the price, yes it is expensive, but because you use it once a week it really will last for ages and for me that makes it worth the £15.50.

Do you use a shampoo like this?



I'm Back...

Monday, 11 June 2012
I am wearing clothes!

Hey guys!
Remember me?
Thank you so much for still keeping with me in the little break that I took, it's been just over a week since I posted last and in the year and a half that I have been blogging that is the longest break I have taken.
I guess now I can go into the reason behind me leaving my little space of the internet for a short while as now it looks like things are all sorted. I'm not going to go into too much detail but I do want to tell people about it because it may happen to some of you.
Basically it all started last Saturday morning when I found out my Mum's house had been burgled, my last post explains more, now the car and the items that were taken have all been found and are just waiting for the things to come back from the forensic labs. I sat in work that day in full on panic attack mode. Just looking at people walking past thinking "It could be you...or you.. or you that did it." I no longer trusted people. This may be an extreme reaction but it was the first time that I had ever experienced anything like that so close to home and it really knocked me for six. My Nan sleeps downstairs so to think that a stranger was so close to her really upsets me.
The blogpost that I put up trying to help the situation was read more times in one day than any of my other posts and the tweets that I put out got hundreds of RTs, even an email form the local paper. I cannot thank you all enough for that, it really made me remember that there are good people in the world. 
However, on Sunday Matt and I found out that we had became victims of identity theft. So not only had my Mum's house been burgled but now someone out there had taken Matt's identity and our money.
As if I needed that to happen when I already wasn't trusting people. The feeling was awful, to be honest I spent the whole day Monday when we realised the extent of the fraud, shaking and feeling like someone had really invaded my personal space.
For the past week I didn't really want to log on to the internet, I left twitter for a couple of days and generally stayed away. I'd lay awake at night imagining someone hacking into my bank account as I slept, which resulted in panic attacks and very little sleep.
I talked to my Mum about this and she gave me a bit of a talking to, basically saying don't let these people ruin how you feel, so I've dusted myself off and now things are sorted I feel comfortable posting again.

Please check your bank account statements regularly, change passwords a few times a year and generally please be careful when online.

It's good to be back!