Sample Overload...

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

After reading Leanne's post on her sample haulage, it made me look at the amount of things that I have which a) I haven't even tried b) am "saving" - for what I don't know c) tried and didn't like but have still kept and d) things that I just want to not use. (There are more products!! I just couldn't fit everything into shots).
I have a massive "thing" for collecting products (and stationary) and have this fear of using products because they are too pretty etc.
Now this is sort of the case with samples. I have no idea why I don't just get stuck in and use them, maybe I don't want to like it and fork out on the full size or maybe it's just because I like having a lot of options.
This needs to change, I have far too many beauty related items and I really want to condense things down. The empties videos that I do on my Youtube channel have helped with this and I do feel a sense of achievement when I use products up.
So this is my pledge to all the samples that have sat in my storage -

You will be used.

Am I alone in this?




  1. I've been trying really hard to use up all my samples recently. The one's I know I'm not going to use like foundation samples that are the wrong colour or skin care that isn't suited to my skin type have been put aside for any parcels I'm sending to people. Everything else I'm trying to use up before I use my full size products. So far is going ok! :) xx

  2. I hate using samples and really liking them then not having the money to buy the full size. Though they are also good when I'm skint and can't afford anything lol. x

  3. I went through all my cupboards at the weekend and dug out all my samples; I'm now trying to work my way through them! XX

  4. I am so the same. I need to sort all of mine out and get using them! xo