How to get demin dye off handbags...

Monday, 30 July 2012

A couple of weeks ago I wore my new(ish) Zara Messenger Bag out for the day. I say newish because I bought it back in April as a treat for being made permanent in my job but I wanted to wait until days where it wasn't raining to wear it. I was really really careful with the bag because I love it so much and it is sold out everywhere.

However, one day when I thought I would be safe with an older pair of jeans, I was sadly mistaken. The dye transferred all over the bag. I was absolutely gutted. I took to twitter to ask my followers if anyone knew of any methods were around that could save my bag and I was amazed at the ideas.

Some included kitchen cleaner and a cloth, bicarbonate soda and water, lemon juice etc. The one I chose to try first was nail polish remover. For me this worked brilliantly as you can see from the photo. I just put a small amount on a cotton pad and did a patch test. The dye came off immediately and left no damage to the bag. So I worked in small patches where I would rub with the nail polish remover, then a baby wipe and then a dry cotton wool pad.

My bag now looks as good as new :)


Kitoko Oil Treatment...

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Kitoko Oil Treatment - £6.50/10ml *

Before blogging I had never really heard of hair oils. My hairdresser had used Morrocan Oil once and I just bought it because it made my hair amazing, I didn't really look into the ingredients to see if my money was being well spent. A couple of years later and this is the 3rd hair oil that I have tried.

Kitoko Oil Treatment contains a blend of Karite, Argan oils, Omega oils and viatmins A&E. It's a lightweight formula so you can apply it to your hair without your hair feeling weighed down and greasy. With essential fatty acids to nourish the hair from within this oil boasts that it will stimulate the hair to incredible condition, increased elasticity and shine. Even promising to neutralise free-radicals and protect the hair from environmental and chemical damage.

Pretty hefty claims, but to be honest since ombreing my hair I could do with every little help! Plus who doesn't have a few sneaky spilt ends?! 

I use this just the same as I used the other oils, I apply a little on damp hair before blow drying and some afterwards if my hair is particularly dry. I also put some on freshly curled hair to define them. All of which leave my hair feeling really smooth and easy to brush.

I love hair oils and I think this almost tips Moroccan Oil as my favourite.

Which hair oils do you use?


Revlon Kissable Lip Stains...

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Revlon Kissable Lip Stains - Boots - £7.99 (£5.99 at time of writing)

Move over Revlon Lip Butters, these are my new lip product obsession. A heavy statement to make, but a worthy title for these two. 
I bought the colours, which are very much the "me" colours of the group, Lovesick and Rendezvous. A gorgeous hot pink with a bluey undertone and an orange (as if I needed anymore orange lip products - heck do I need anymore lipsticks!?!?).
To be honest what I can say about these is very little, but all very positive. They go on like a dream and are very precise with the shape of the nib. You have you apply them with abit of tact if you want this shape to remain though otherwise they will blunt down. Once on your lips feel moisturised are are a beautiful colour for ages. Plus when they do eventually fade they fade very evenly.
I can imagine the paler colours last less than the more opaque colours that I have picked here.

What colours have you bought?



Witch Anti-Blemich Skin Clearing Primer...

Monday, 23 July 2012
Witch Anti-Blemich Skin Clearing Primer - £6.99 *

I'm going to warn you here. This will be a product rave. 
The Witch Anti-Blemish Skin Clearing Primer was the first primer that I tried, I have tried others since but to be honest I keep coming back to this one and for very good reasons.
The primer itself is a semi opaque thick gel which is released in the perfect amount in one pump from the plastic bottle. I use this on the parts of my face where the foundation seems to disappear first - nose, chin and cheeks. The formula is velvety soft and creates the perfect smooth base for your makeup.
Over the past couple of years I have bought 3 bottles of this primer because quite frankly it works for me. My makeup does last longer with this on. I can't really comment on whether it helps blemishes that are already there because I rarely have them, touch wood, but it didn't break my skin out and really feels like it's doing something good.

Which primer do you use?



*This particular bottle was part of my welcome pack for being a Witch Skin Care Flawless Friend - see here for more details.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask...

Friday, 20 July 2012

Since blogging I have been on the hunt to sort out my skincare, from the very basic facewipe and cream that I used to use, to now included cleanser, toner, moituriser, exfoliator and a clarasonic!
One of the key steps that was missing was a real intensive facemask. I have a fair few from Montange Jeunesse and I use these all the time but I wanted one to keep to use regularly so my skin could get used to it.
After seeing this crop up on so many blogs I knew I had to true it. I used to use origins all the time a while ago (before I got lazy) because I had a reaction to clinique and to be fair the range really sorted my skin out, I think finances and laziness kicked in and the range got fazed out of my bathroom cabinet. 
I have been using the mask for about a month now and I will be keeping this in my routine for a long long time. This is the first time I have used an overnight mask and to be honest I was a little bit worried that it would end up all over my hair and pillows. Its a cream coloured cream (haha) which feels like a gel, you apply a thick layer all over your face as the last step in your skincare routine, before bed and in the morning you wake up with a lovely soft plumped out face. Your skin literally drinks up the mask.
The mask is designed for dehydrated and dry skin which is kinda obvious hence the name. I would say my skin is a bit of both of these and this mask has come in really handy for treating these problems. Especially where I have rough dry skin down my jaw line. 
I use this fruity scented mask once a week on a Sunday night so I wake up with nice and hydrated skin for the week. I apply it a couple of hours before going to bed so there has been a reasonable time to allow the mask to sink in before I put my head to my pillow, stopping any going in my hair etc.

Have you used this before?
What is your favourite way to hydrate your skin?



Dr Nick Lowe - The Secret Is Out Lifting Super Serum...

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Since starting blogging I have been really spurred on to sort out a skin care routine that actually does something for my skin, rather than just use a wipe and a basic moisturiser.
Whilst I am almost happy with the routine I have at the moment, there is one thing that I completely overlooked and that is a serum. There seems to be a massive market for serums, all claiming to do various things. A few weeks ago I was sent the Dr Nick Lowe Lifting Super Serum to try out.
Dr Nick Lowe is a dermatologist and has undertaken ten years of clinical research to create his own range of skin care products. He has had numerous tv appearances and has been featured in Vogue so pretty out there! 
The serum promises to smooth, firm and hydrate skin whilst adding a boost to your daily skincare routine. My face is dry, rough and dehydrated so this seemed to be the perfect addition the my routine to banish those problems.

First off the packaging is beautiful, a frosted glass bottle in a lovely pale blue. Although, the fact that the bottle is glass has caused some near miss moments in my bathroom. Or maybe I should just be trusted with plastic from now on. Travel wise it probably isn't the most friendly but that's what travel pots are for - depotting!! Plus there is a pump - always useful.

The product itself is a thick off white liquid, a small amount comes out in one pump which means that to cover the areas I use the serum on I need four pumps to have enough product, which makes me feel that I am using a lot of product in each go but in reality the product is lasting a long time. The serum goes on really smoothly and is easy to blend into the skin, it takes a few minutes to sink in and then I apply my moisturiser.

After a good few weeks of using this serum my face is smoother where the rough patches have reduced and also feels a lot more hydrated. Whilst being 22 I cannot speak much for the anti aging effects I suppose prevention is better than cure ;).

Do you use a serum?



Kukee Jewellery...

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Speckled Collar Necklace, Bar Necklace, Spike Earrings, Earring Cuff, Owl Ring, Plain Above Knuckle Ring, Above Knuckle Rings, Worded Rings, Deer Ring, Bow Above Knuckle Ring, Cross Ring *

Welcome to my new Jewellery obsession
Watch the video to see more :)



A beautiful act of kindness...

Friday, 6 July 2012

To see the reason behind this post just watch the update video below...
There is far too much to type!

LUSH thumbnail there!



Harry Potter Studio Tour...

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

I was so restrained when choosing the pictures to go up. I think I took about a gazillion! My reasoning was that I am uploading a vlog style video so you will get to see a lot more in there. 
This was one of the best days ever, Harry Potter is a real world to me and the fact that I was there walking with the props used in the film pretty much made my year!
The castle was the highlight of my day, you will see a lot more in the vlog but the whole thing was really impressive. 
Oh and Emma Watson and I are HAND TWINS!!!!
I really recommened it, although go when the children are in school, it was really busy! There was a lot of pushing, one woman even used her son's wheelchair to barge me out of the way. Ohhhh also save up your lifes wages to be able to buy something in the gift shop ;)