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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Since starting blogging I have been really spurred on to sort out a skin care routine that actually does something for my skin, rather than just use a wipe and a basic moisturiser.
Whilst I am almost happy with the routine I have at the moment, there is one thing that I completely overlooked and that is a serum. There seems to be a massive market for serums, all claiming to do various things. A few weeks ago I was sent the Dr Nick Lowe Lifting Super Serum to try out.
Dr Nick Lowe is a dermatologist and has undertaken ten years of clinical research to create his own range of skin care products. He has had numerous tv appearances and has been featured in Vogue so pretty out there! 
The serum promises to smooth, firm and hydrate skin whilst adding a boost to your daily skincare routine. My face is dry, rough and dehydrated so this seemed to be the perfect addition the my routine to banish those problems.

First off the packaging is beautiful, a frosted glass bottle in a lovely pale blue. Although, the fact that the bottle is glass has caused some near miss moments in my bathroom. Or maybe I should just be trusted with plastic from now on. Travel wise it probably isn't the most friendly but that's what travel pots are for - depotting!! Plus there is a pump - always useful.

The product itself is a thick off white liquid, a small amount comes out in one pump which means that to cover the areas I use the serum on I need four pumps to have enough product, which makes me feel that I am using a lot of product in each go but in reality the product is lasting a long time. The serum goes on really smoothly and is easy to blend into the skin, it takes a few minutes to sink in and then I apply my moisturiser.

After a good few weeks of using this serum my face is smoother where the rough patches have reduced and also feels a lot more hydrated. Whilst being 22 I cannot speak much for the anti aging effects I suppose prevention is better than cure ;).

Do you use a serum?



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