How to get demin dye off handbags...

Monday, 30 July 2012

A couple of weeks ago I wore my new(ish) Zara Messenger Bag out for the day. I say newish because I bought it back in April as a treat for being made permanent in my job but I wanted to wait until days where it wasn't raining to wear it. I was really really careful with the bag because I love it so much and it is sold out everywhere.

However, one day when I thought I would be safe with an older pair of jeans, I was sadly mistaken. The dye transferred all over the bag. I was absolutely gutted. I took to twitter to ask my followers if anyone knew of any methods were around that could save my bag and I was amazed at the ideas.

Some included kitchen cleaner and a cloth, bicarbonate soda and water, lemon juice etc. The one I chose to try first was nail polish remover. For me this worked brilliantly as you can see from the photo. I just put a small amount on a cotton pad and did a patch test. The dye came off immediately and left no damage to the bag. So I worked in small patches where I would rub with the nail polish remover, then a baby wipe and then a dry cotton wool pad.

My bag now looks as good as new :)



  1. I hate when this happens, thanks for sharing! I am away to try this out now on my bags xx

  2. Thanks for the tip! Banked in my memory x

  3. Ahhh I hate it when this happens, thank you for this great tip!!! xxx

  4. i hate it when that happens great tip :)

  5. This happened to me on the same bag, so annoying! Thanks for the tip, I will definitely be trying it as I love this bag so much :) xx

  6. Great post!! I used makeup wipes - that worked for me! :) xxx