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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Kitoko Oil Treatment - £6.50/10ml *

Before blogging I had never really heard of hair oils. My hairdresser had used Morrocan Oil once and I just bought it because it made my hair amazing, I didn't really look into the ingredients to see if my money was being well spent. A couple of years later and this is the 3rd hair oil that I have tried.

Kitoko Oil Treatment contains a blend of Karite, Argan oils, Omega oils and viatmins A&E. It's a lightweight formula so you can apply it to your hair without your hair feeling weighed down and greasy. With essential fatty acids to nourish the hair from within this oil boasts that it will stimulate the hair to incredible condition, increased elasticity and shine. Even promising to neutralise free-radicals and protect the hair from environmental and chemical damage.

Pretty hefty claims, but to be honest since ombreing my hair I could do with every little help! Plus who doesn't have a few sneaky spilt ends?! 

I use this just the same as I used the other oils, I apply a little on damp hair before blow drying and some afterwards if my hair is particularly dry. I also put some on freshly curled hair to define them. All of which leave my hair feeling really smooth and easy to brush.

I love hair oils and I think this almost tips Moroccan Oil as my favourite.

Which hair oils do you use?


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  1. Would you do a comparison post for the three you have tried? I've never tried any and they really intrigue me but I just don't know where to start or which is best! xo