Witch Skin Care BB Cream & Giveaway...

Monday, 27 August 2012
Available from Boots, Superdrug and some Supermarkets.

The market has been saturated by BB creams in recent months and it must be hard for a company to make their version stand out. Well Witch Skin Care has managed to do just that. Along with the usual multi-action formula of a lightly tinted moisturising cream there is the soothing witch hazel extract to fight any little blemishes you have on your face.

Witch Say...

"With witch hazel extract, our unique BB Cream will offer a skin-clearing formula, as well as delivering a smoothing and picture-perfect, beautiful finish:
·         Provides all day hydration, with a moisturisers to help skin look younger for longer and prevent blemishes.
·         Contains 8% witch hazel, a natural astringent with antibacterial properties and the ability to soothe skin and minimise pores.
·         Provides UVA and UVB protection with SPF15, protecting skin from the sun’s daily damaging rays and free radicals.
·         Creates a naturally flawless look, blurring imperfections to help boost glow and even skin tone.
·         Dermatologically tested and ideal for oily skin.
·         Skin looks dewy and fresh thanks to its tinted moisturiser finish."

First off, a little goes a long way. The formula is satisfyingly thick so it feels lovely to spread across your face. The light peachy colour of the current shade matches my skin perfectly and there are plans for more colours to be released. The balm feels really light on the skin and it is what I would imagine the Origins VitaZing moisturiser to be like. You can build the coverage up but I sometimes use this as a primer because there are always days where I love to cover everything in my highest coverage foundation. 

Now here is the exciting part... Witch have given me FIVE BB creams to giveaway to my readers!
All you have to do is:
Follow my blog via GFC and leave a comment on this post telling me what your skincare must have is.
Leave a way for me to contact you either email or twitter.

It's not compulsory but it would be nice if you:
- followed Witch Skin Care on Twitter and Facebook.
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- Subscribed to my Youtube.

UK Only.
Prizes provided by Witch Skin Care who will be given your details to send the prizes to winners.
Giveaway will close on Sunday 9th September at Midnight 2012.
You must be a follower of my blog there will be no entries counted if you aren't.

Dorothy Perkins' Jewellery Haul...

Friday, 24 August 2012



MUA Undressed Palette...

Monday, 20 August 2012

MUA Undressed Palette - £4 - Superdrug and MUA
(Currently £3 at the time of writing)

Welcome to quite possibly my most favourite makeup product at the moment. Pretty big claim I know, however it is fully justified. This little palette has actually made me realise that I can sell some of the other palettes that I own and just live with this one (and a couple of others but hey I wouldn't be a blogger if that wasn't the case ;) ).
First off, the price, It's only £4 and for 12 eyeshadows that is amazing. The eyeshadows in this palette can create so many different looks that there is a massive value for money! I find this palette a lot more versatile than the Heaven and Earth palette. 
MUA's eyeshadows are on the money 99% of the time, very pigmented and really good consistency with a really low price tag this palette follows suit. I have a fair few single eyeshadows from them too and all of them are really lovely to use.
The packaging is ok, there is nothing too special about it but that isn't what this brand is about. I wouldn't want the price to increase just so the packaging would look nicer. This black plastic does the job it's supposed to and that is enough for me!
I'm not going to include swatches in this post, I have another rather large post lined up which will include them, hint it's a comparison post and yes we have all seen them but I want to do one for myself.
Oh and MUA is cruelty free. Ladies and Gentlemen not just a winning palette for me, but the whole brand.
Do you use MUA?
Any must have products from them?



Pretty Perfect Twist and Out Instant Nail Polish Remover - Acetone Free...

Saturday, 18 August 2012
Pretty Perfect Twist and Out Instant Nail Polish Remover - Acetone Free - £1 - Poundland

We have all heard the hype around the Bourjois nail polish remover, you all know which one I am on about! But I really begrudge handing over £4.99 for something that a 99p bottle of nail polish remover and cotton wool (which I have loads of anyway) will do the same job of. However, for the purpose of blogging I have actually bought the Bourjois one to compare the two.
For the purposes of the reviews I haven't opened the Bourjois one yet, I wanted to see what I htought of the £1 version before trying the more expensive version, then will do a comparison between the two. 
First off this is actually really small, but for a £1 - yeah you can't really moan I guess. We all know the rude description of how they work, stick your finger in, twist and remove. I don't find this works at all with this though, I actually have to push my finger into the sponge quite hard for it to remove and even then there is still bits of polish in the edges of my nails. The actually nail polish remover liquid itself does work really well, the polish is removed quickly but there is a really strong smell. 
To be honest, I don't really see the point at this stage, I keep forgetting to use it and use my normal nail polish removers. Maybe for holiday I can see the point - it's compact. But you can't use it on your toes. I'm really torn on whether I like this!

What do you think of these nail polish removers?



Montagne Jeunesse Virgin Olive Ultra Deep Cleansing Masque...

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Following on from my love of the Montagne Jeunesse masques that I have tried I tried the Virgin Olive Ultra Deep Cleansing Masque for the first time last night. Suitable for sensitive, dry and normal skin this masque boasts cold pressed virgin olive oil mud for soft and subtle skin with shea and cocoa butter to leave your skin smooth and cleansed. Montagne Jeunesse are natural beauty products that are available nationwide in ASDA, Superdrug, Tesco, Newlook, Morrisons and online. The products are vegetarian approved, made from natural ingredients and paraben free (AMAZING).
This masque is the thickest masque I have tried from Montagne Jeunesse which was nice because it felt like I was putting a body butter on my face. The masque dries quite quickly to a hard layer on your face, where you cannot smile without it cracking, then comes off easily with water and cotton wool.
Afterwards my face felt very smooth but did go red for a couple of hours, this calmed down by the morning. I can tell there was a deep cleanse of my face because I now have a little spot (lovely) but nothing crazy.
I really like this masque and wish I had saved some of the excess to use again. This is the one thing I find with Montagne Jeunesse is that there is so much product in a sachet that I want to save it in a little pot to get more uses out of it.

What's your favourite face masque?



17 Instant Glow Shimmer Brick - Pink Bronze...

Monday, 6 August 2012
Before I get into the main feature of this post (the beautiful shimmer brick) I just wanted to know what you all think of the new layout? Leanne sorted me out over the weekend when she was down for a visit and I am now more motivated to blog than ever! I even have a blog diary - which pleases the oober geek inside me.

17 Instant Glow Shimmer Brick - Pink Bronze £4.99

Move over Bobbi Brown is all I can say. No one can deny that this looks like the infamous Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick but for a fraction of the price. Now I don't own the Bobbi Brown version, but one lunchtime my colleague and I were having a mooch around the makeup counters in Howells and she had the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in the pink version applied to her face. A polite "yeah it looks lovely" to the assistant, we walked outside to see that there was no difference in her face. Literally nothing. Anyway, we went back to work where another colleague mentioned that she bought the 17 Shimmer Brick and it was amazing.

Boy was she right (Thanks Jen!) The 17 version is so pretty, pigmented and a great price. You can have a range of different looks with the one product. I use the dark colours when I am more tanned, the lighter pinks when I am paler and then a swirl of them all as a nice highlight to any blusher. The product isn't too chalky, there is some fall out but nothing that makes me not want to use it. Overall it's a really good all rounder, plus the colours make nice eyeshadows too!

What do you think?