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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Following on from my love of the Montagne Jeunesse masques that I have tried I tried the Virgin Olive Ultra Deep Cleansing Masque for the first time last night. Suitable for sensitive, dry and normal skin this masque boasts cold pressed virgin olive oil mud for soft and subtle skin with shea and cocoa butter to leave your skin smooth and cleansed. Montagne Jeunesse are natural beauty products that are available nationwide in ASDA, Superdrug, Tesco, Newlook, Morrisons and online. The products are vegetarian approved, made from natural ingredients and paraben free (AMAZING).
This masque is the thickest masque I have tried from Montagne Jeunesse which was nice because it felt like I was putting a body butter on my face. The masque dries quite quickly to a hard layer on your face, where you cannot smile without it cracking, then comes off easily with water and cotton wool.
Afterwards my face felt very smooth but did go red for a couple of hours, this calmed down by the morning. I can tell there was a deep cleanse of my face because I now have a little spot (lovely) but nothing crazy.
I really like this masque and wish I had saved some of the excess to use again. This is the one thing I find with Montagne Jeunesse is that there is so much product in a sachet that I want to save it in a little pot to get more uses out of it.

What's your favourite face masque?



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  1. It's hard to look fabulous while rocking a face mask but you pull it off amazingly <3 I LOVE the peel off clear ones from the same range, I use one practically every week!!