MUA Undressed Palette...

Monday, 20 August 2012

MUA Undressed Palette - £4 - Superdrug and MUA
(Currently £3 at the time of writing)

Welcome to quite possibly my most favourite makeup product at the moment. Pretty big claim I know, however it is fully justified. This little palette has actually made me realise that I can sell some of the other palettes that I own and just live with this one (and a couple of others but hey I wouldn't be a blogger if that wasn't the case ;) ).
First off, the price, It's only £4 and for 12 eyeshadows that is amazing. The eyeshadows in this palette can create so many different looks that there is a massive value for money! I find this palette a lot more versatile than the Heaven and Earth palette. 
MUA's eyeshadows are on the money 99% of the time, very pigmented and really good consistency with a really low price tag this palette follows suit. I have a fair few single eyeshadows from them too and all of them are really lovely to use.
The packaging is ok, there is nothing too special about it but that isn't what this brand is about. I wouldn't want the price to increase just so the packaging would look nicer. This black plastic does the job it's supposed to and that is enough for me!
I'm not going to include swatches in this post, I have another rather large post lined up which will include them, hint it's a comparison post and yes we have all seen them but I want to do one for myself.
Oh and MUA is cruelty free. Ladies and Gentlemen not just a winning palette for me, but the whole brand.
Do you use MUA?
Any must have products from them?




  1. This looks really nice and such value for money in comparison to other palettes! xxx

  2. I have wanted this for months now and I really can't wait until I can finally buy it xo

  3. I really wanna get my hands on this! x

  4. I adore my Undressed palette, I use it at least 6 days out of 7! xx