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Saturday, 18 August 2012
Pretty Perfect Twist and Out Instant Nail Polish Remover - Acetone Free - £1 - Poundland

We have all heard the hype around the Bourjois nail polish remover, you all know which one I am on about! But I really begrudge handing over £4.99 for something that a 99p bottle of nail polish remover and cotton wool (which I have loads of anyway) will do the same job of. However, for the purpose of blogging I have actually bought the Bourjois one to compare the two.
For the purposes of the reviews I haven't opened the Bourjois one yet, I wanted to see what I htought of the £1 version before trying the more expensive version, then will do a comparison between the two. 
First off this is actually really small, but for a £1 - yeah you can't really moan I guess. We all know the rude description of how they work, stick your finger in, twist and remove. I don't find this works at all with this though, I actually have to push my finger into the sponge quite hard for it to remove and even then there is still bits of polish in the edges of my nails. The actually nail polish remover liquid itself does work really well, the polish is removed quickly but there is a really strong smell. 
To be honest, I don't really see the point at this stage, I keep forgetting to use it and use my normal nail polish removers. Maybe for holiday I can see the point - it's compact. But you can't use it on your toes. I'm really torn on whether I like this!

What do you think of these nail polish removers?




  1. Quite a price difference for a product that does the same thing :) xo

  2. I love this thing! I do have to admit, the smell is horrendous and I have to do it outside otherwise it's an ultimate headache comin on, but bein such a lazy bum, it's just too much effort to take a regular nail polish remover, and cotton pads and do all the dabbing thing.. pfft. I just have this on my shelf, open it with one hand, twist it, done!:) It works on my nails ace aswell, like literally seconds to take off nail polish:) xx

  3. I have the Bourjois version and I love it. It does take a bit of wiggling but it removes all the polish, even on the sides, smells lovely and my nails don't feel wrecked after. It's so quick and easy I'd happily buy it again. I am interested in trying this £1 version though, where can I buy it?

    Steph xx

  4. Tempted by the Bourjois one which I opened to smell in Superdrug. It seems fruity so maybe you'll like that better. Look forward to your review on it xx

  5. I've tried two of these different pots now and for me I find them to be just what I need, a quick dip and twist and its all gone :) a little harder for glitter polish so I still use the good old cotton wool and remover. But for less than £1 per pot bargain