How much is my face worth...

Monday, 24 September 2012

Primer: Illamasqua Satin Primer - £22.50
Foundation: BareMinerals in Light - £24.00
Concealer: Witch Skin Care in Light - £7.00 *
Eyebrows: Elf Kit in Medium - £3.50
Eye Primer: Elf Primer - £1.50
Eyeshadow: MUA Undressed Palette - £4
Mascara: BodyShop Big and Curvy - £10.00
Eyeliner: Illamasqua Medium Pencil - £13.00
Bronzer: Bare Minerals Warmth - £19.00
Blusher: Illamasqua in Lover - £18.00
Highlighter: No7 LE highlighter - £10.50
Setting Powder: BareMinerals Mineral Veil - £20.00 

Total - £153.00 !!!!!! 

This is pretty much my "go to" face at the moment. First off I always apply a primer, it's become a habit so to speak since I have started blogging. The Illamasqua primer is so nice for adding some moisture back into my skin, my skin gets so dehydrated and this primer stops my makeup from caking up. 
Foundation wise at the moment I have been obsessed with the Bare Minerals kit, more to come on that one. Concealer is always my trusty Witch Skin Care* one which brightens my dark circles nicely.
For my eyebrows I always resort back to this little set from ELF, I have had it for ages and it is lasting really well, plus it is super cheap!
I have never strayed from the ELF eyelid primer and I don't think I ever will, it's £1.50 and does a fantastic job.
The MUA Undressed palette has rapidly climbed my eyeshadow charts, it's the perfect mix of colours for me, pigmented and last brilliantly on the eye. It's also £4, need I say more?
Mascara favourite at the moment is the Body Shop Big N Curvy which I got free with a  magazine. This mascara has surprised me and I probably will repurchase it.
To help hide lots any signs of tiredness I use the Illamasqua Medium Pencil on the water line and inner corner of my eye. 
Another couple of Bare Minerals products that I have become literally obsessed with is Warmth, the bronzer of the range and the Mineral Veil setting powder. Both amazing products that I will be raving about shortly.
Blusher is my current favourite of Illamasqua, it's called Lover and is a really nice bright corally peachy pink. No surprises there when it comes to what colour blush that I like and I am using the No7 highlighter constantly at the moment to add a nice shimmer to my cheeks without adding any glittery-ness.

So there we go, I am so shocked that it is this much considering all the "high-street" products there. Madness, and this is just one combination of many. I actually wonder how much I have spent on beauty products up until this point in my life... scrap that, it's too scary!

How much is your face worth?



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  1. I'm way to scared to do this! I think mine will add up to a lot of pennies haha xo