Natural Collection Eyeshadow in Willow...

Monday, 17 September 2012

I very rarely buy single eyeshadows, to be honest it is none existent in my life since I have so many palettes there is no point because there is colours in those palettes to match any occasion you can think of! 
However, when I saw this colour in boots on a random lunch time trip I knew I had to have it. It's the perfect shimmery mushroomy taupe-y colour. I clearly cannot describe the colour properly ha! I don't *think* I have another colour like it and for £1.79 I wasn't going to argue.
The pigmentation is really good, especially when you factor in the really small price. Longevity wise it last just as long as my Urban Decay Naked Palette ones with a primer underneath. Since being introduced to the magic that is eyeshadow primers I don't wear an eyeshadow without having a primer underneath now. 

Do you own any Natural Collection?




  1. I own a couple of the matte Natural Collection eye shadows and I love them, forget to use them though as I too am a palette girl! Will have to dig them out tomorrow and have a play! xx

  2. I have a few too and I love them! I do put them aside sometimes forgetting about them but they are lovely! xxx