New Handbag...

Saturday, 15 September 2012

A girl can never have too many handbags - right? Well I have never been one for black handbags really. I always tend to steer towards the neutral colours, dusty pinks and browns for my handbags. 
Until I realised that everyone I knew had that classic black handbag that you can use for almost every occasion and once I had realised that, I was searching high and low for one. 
Then I saw this one on OASAP and it is exactly like one that I purchased a while ago in grey. It looks like a miu miu bag but without the ridiculous price tag so you can get it in lots of colours!
Its big enough for me to lug around all the rubbish that I do but small enough to be taken on nights out and still look "dainty". The long shoulder strap makes it the perfect work handbag too.
I have worn this bag solidly for the 2 weeks since it arrived and so many people have asked where it is from. 
I always thought black handbags were boring, but now I realise that they are far from that! Plus they don't get dirty like all the others!

Next bag on my wish list - THIS ONE - look familiar? ;)




  1. I bet you end up getting that other bag! I want one from Accessorize. I'll probably buy it when I get paid! Naughty!

    Leanne @ xx

  2. That bag is absolutely gorgeous! I've been looking for a bag like that for quite a while (although I'm looking for a real leather one because I always put waaaay to much stuff in my bags lol :) ) xx