Covering Dark Circles...

Monday, 29 October 2012

Bio Oil // Bobbi Brown Corrector*and Concealer Kit* // WitchSkinCare Concealer * // Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Liner

Dark circles are pretty much the bane of my vain life! I have them whether I sleep well or not, I guess I can thank my gene pool for that. I know there are worse things that could be wrong, but coupled with that my cheeks are almost permanently red my face looks horrendous. The red makes the grey under my eyes look darker and if my concealer application is just slightly wrong I get asked if I have had enough sleep all day.

The skin around my eyes tends to get quite dry quite often and I don't like to use the cream from the Drs too often as it can thin the skin. To combat this I tend to use a layer of Bio Oil every two days or so to keep the hydration level up. I have tried eye creams but one left me with millia so I stopped using it. If anyone does have any eye cream suggestions then please let me know. 

The on to concealing up the bad boys themselves. I always conceal after applying my foundation because a thin layer of foundation adds an extra layer of coverage. First weapon of choice is my Bobbi Brown Corrector* in the colour Bisque. It has a pinkish tone to it which counteracts the grey/blue tones in my dark circles. I usually apply this with my ring finger because it's quicker, easier and less hassle than having to clean a brush. Aside from my laziness, the heat from your finger also helps the product to blend. 

Next up is the Correctors big sister the Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit in Sand, again with my fingers I apply this all over where the corrector was applied. Sometimes this can crease so I have to make a mental note to keep a check on it during the day. The majority of the time it's fine though.

Are you finished yet?! I hear you cry. Well the answer is no. I apply some of the Witch Skin Care Conealer in Light* to the very inner corner of my eyes to lighten up the most darkest area of my eyes. Set it all with the powder in the Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit* and I am good to go.... almost.

A slick of the Rimmel Kohl Pencil in nude on my water line to get rid of the redness that lays on there and then I am good to go!
So there is the lengths I go to just to look awake on a day to day basis!

Do you have any specific routines?




  1. I don't suffer with dark circles as such but I do like BareMinerals Well-Rested as an under eye brightener :)

  2. Great post hun, I don't really suffer from dark circles unless it's been a late night, but I do like the look of the concealer kit :)


  3. I have had some major dark circles lately. I have the bobbi brown creamy concealor but sometimes i find it gathers in the fine lines under my eyes (getting older). The Rimmel pencil works well on the water line & really opens up the eye!

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  5. Great tips and products, need to try some of these! x

  6. This is such a great post. My undereye circles are the main concern for me, and probably the reason I wear make-up. I REALLY would love to try the Bobbi Brown Corrector, heard so many good things about it! Need to get my hands on it!! :D

    <3 Laura x

  7. This was such a helpful post for me! xo

  8. I have the same affliction :S Not just dark circles, but also big bags, had them since I was about 5!