Wednesday Wishlist... Labret Studs

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Two years ago I decided to bite the bullet and get something done that I had wanted done for years. That was to get my ears pierced more. I used to just have one stud in each ear lobe which was done sneakily when I was 9 years old! My Aunty snuck me into town and took me to Claire's Accessories. Haven't we all been there? Sat in the window with everyone watches and two ladies stand next to you with guns?!?!
Well this time I entered the world of Blue Banana - boy what an experience!! I could not feel more out of place if I tried! However, all the staff were so so lovely! I originally wanted to just have two more piercings in one ear, but I was told that it would cost me the same amount to have my doubles done on both ears and a third on one! So I just bit the bullet and had three piercings in one day! Not remembering that I would have to sleep on my back for the following week. 
The seconds were done with a gun like my first and I can wear normal studs in them, but the third was done with a HUGE ASS needle and I have to wear Labret Studs, which has opened a whole new world for me!
I usually just wear a simple coloured stud, which is more suitable for work. But recently I have been itching to get something different. I really like the little geko, I think that would be so different to have perched on my ear. The feather is just something that I am going to have to purchase at some point, I love feathers and am considering a tattoo, that's another post entirely.
Do you have any piercings that require different types of studs?
If you could point me in the direction of some sites that I can buy them cheaply i'd appreciate it too!



I also want a tattoo... mid life crisis anyone??


  1. Blue Banana can be intimidating at first ha, I've only been pierced in the Newport store though. I like the heart bar, it's cute.

    Different stud types wears thin so quickly. I have Tongue, Labret and 2 Tragus piercings. Try Amazon and eBay :) xx

  2. haha is this the Cardiff Blue Banana? That's where I've got mine done too and it's so intimidating but they are really nice.

    I get all of my studs etc off ebay, just look for the one without nickel and i think preferably titanium ones. The only thing that's confusing is the sizing which I can't help with as i had to guess! I ended up with a similar one to the spike one above, its pretty good!

    Sleeping with 2 piercings done on one ear is hard work, I did the same as you...pain!

  3. I'm boring with my piercings as I'm always too scared to order the studs from the internet in case I get an infection. I always just stick to the boring plan studs with diamante as I know I'm safe with them! The feather is tempting me though. x

  4. I used to have so many piercings covering my ears, three on my lips and tongue..those were the days! Now I just have there in each ear love and my navel. I used to get all my studs and things from they have really quick delivery and its all top quality. You can even create a wish list...dangerous I know! and there's lots of helpful info about all kinds of different piercings Xx

  5. Those are cute, I want so many more piercings. You just have to be sure about whatever your getting!
    Erica xo Have you seen my vintage giveaway?