Wednesday Wishlist... O.P.I The Man With A Golden Gun

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

I never thought I would ever consider paying this much for a nail polish. Not in a million years. Well thank you blogging because that has just changed everything.
To celebrate James Bond's 50th Anniversary O.P.I have created this golden top coat. It's a clear polish with irregularly shaped 18ct gold pieces (real!!) to create the gold leaf look.
Now I am all one for nail art, but £30.. can I be tempted? Would I just grow tired of the look? And more importantly would a Barry M crackle paint curb my craving.. or will only the real thing do?

Would you or have you already forked out for this?




  1. I do really like this and I am majorly considering getting it but in all seriousness..£30 I.Just.Cant!

  2. I think this would amazing on your nails, perhaps something I will have to ask Santa for!

  3. I want this sooooo bad! Err I reccon Santa will be getting a hell of a lot of requests for this this year? ;)

    Having a MAC Makeup giveaway on my blog if you want to take a look?

  4. I really want this polish too, but I can't justify the price! lol

  5. I know it would be pointless for me to get anything like this, I only seem to wear regular nail polishes once or twice before getting a bit bored of them, and despite the price I'm worried I'd be the same with this one.