Wednesday Wishlist...Zara Handbags

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Zara Handbags, need I say more? I have the typical blogger messenger bag and I love it so much. To be honest, the majority of their handbags aren't that expensive and the ones that are, well, they are usually the most beautiful handbags that you would be happy to invest in them.

My favourite has to be the studded shopper. I went crazy when this bag first came out, but restrained and ended up buying a very good ebay copy. However, after seeing the studded one, the purple one and the red on in store I am contemplating playing the lottery so i'd be able to buy all of them!




  1. There are two versions of the new "Zara blogger bag" (pic number 2) right? I think it's the more expensive one I wasn't impressed with, it felt far too stiff and hard, whereas the cheaper one was that little bit softer. Out of all of these I love the bowling one most, although that studded one is gorgeous! x

  2. oooh love the first one, basic shopper! may have to invest x

    1. love all of them but mat be sneaky and get ebay copies ;) x