Nails .. Holographic Nails...

Monday, 5 November 2012


Remember when there was a mad rush for Gosh Holographic, I'm talking times where there was none in stores, bottles on ebay for a gazillion pounds (and that is not a joke!) Well finally another brand has caught on that colours like these sell like hot cakes... although I've never bought a hot cake!
Boots 17 have bought out a selection of Holo Nail Polishes and I snapped up a bottle of the silver one to compare to this infamous GOSH Holographic. This came at a good time really because my bottle of GOSH Holographic is starting to get a little gloopy.
The first point is that these polishes both chip at the same rate. Which is a really high rate, even with a decent top coat the longevity isn't great for me. The only way I've found to keep the polish on for a decent number of days is to use my shellac top coat. 
As you can see from the photo, the GOSH version clearly has the more "holographicness" to it, which is easier to pick up on camera. The 17 version isn't bad though, it was more difficult to photograph but in real life its a pretty decent dupe.

If you can't get your hands on the GOSH version, or are fed up with the application of the GOSH version (it's really annoying, the brush is so thin) then I would recommend the 17 version!

Are you a fan of holographic nails?




  1. Great post, I must say I haven't gotten into holographic nails yet but do love the look of both. I slightly prefer the look of the Gosh one but the 17 polish is also pretty :)


  2. i am totally obsessed with holographic nails these days!!! I LOVE THE LOOK!!!