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Friday, 9 November 2012
Models Own : Magenta Divine // Boogie Nights // Disco Inferno - £5 Each

Who can resist a good glitter nail polish? Well I can't, ever since I saw the Models Own Mirror Ball Collection I knew that I had to have a sneaky purchase, or two. With Boots 3 for 2 offer on and having another bad day at work these were soon in my basket.
Like I said, I love a good glitter nail polish, especially do create an accent nail (or as Tom, who is Leanne's Fiance calls it - an accident nail). Plus an accent nail is pretty much the only form of nail art that I can get away with in work.
The two polishes I have from the Glitter Collection are beautiful to look at, the packaging makes me want to have them on display all the time. Which isn't really practical at the moment, but hey I'll have a dressing table again one day soon!
The glitter and irregular shapes are suspended in a clear polish, they are fairly well distributed in one coat, but as with all glitter polishes there needs to be some careful dabbing to create a more opaque finish. I don't mind doing this, as I said, I have come to expect this from glitter polishes. My only downside to these colours is that for me they seem to take an age to dry, and I mean an absolute age. This isn't good considering that I like to use three coats of polish and possible more to make the glitter really stand out!

I also picked up Cheeky Magenta at the same time. The three for two sucked me in and there were no other glitter ball colours in stock in my local boots. Cheeky Magenta caught my eye, I don't have any other colours quite like this one. The glitter is all small particles which goes on pretty much opaque in one coat which is nice, because you can wear it on it's own.

As always, glitter polishes are a nightmare to get off. But worth it.

Have you bought into the Glitter Ball collection?




  1. loving boogie nights but I really want freak out. All sold out in my local too :(

  2. I headed into Boots on what I was told would be the last day of 3 for 2, turns out it had ended so I was pretty gutted. I was planning on picking up Freak Out! Boogie Nights looks gorgeous.

    Charlotte xo

  3. I love the look of disco inferno ! I never mind the struggle of trying to get the glitter off when it looks so pretty either :)

    Im a new follower !

    Beautiful Dreams

  4. Such pretty polishes! I love glitter polish for an accent nail too!


  5. I've got Hot Stuff in the mirrorball collection. I love it so much but sometimes the glitter feels really scratchy on my nails and rubs against my skin! xx

  6. I love all of these, I really need to jump on the glittery nail varnish band wagon!!

    If you get any time spare, please come and visit my blog :)