Christmas Nails...

Monday, 17 December 2012

Welcome to my Christmas Manicure. This year for some reason I have shunned the reds, greens and even the novelty nails (which I love) for a much more grown up affair. 
These nails remind me of snowflakes and fairy lights especially when the light catches the top coat. Essie Ballet slippers is a pain to apply on it's own, I need to use about 5 coats so the top coat makes applying it more bareable! 
Link me to your Christmas Manicures!!

This has been on my nails now (without chips) for 10 days and counting...




  1. Gorgeos! i love nails like that over Christmas. May do something similar.

  2. Aw I love this so much, it's super chic and pretty, and let's face it, wayyyyyyyyy better than the red, green, red, green, red nails ahah

  3. So pretty - love this! I've been wearing a lot of darker colours recently, although this is a sparkly green models own polish in my drawer just screaming to be used! xx