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Monday, 10 December 2012

In recent months it appears I have developed a taste for candles, I love the warm glow that candle light gives  of an evening and there is just something pretty about a little dancing flame. Then scented candles became a past time of mine and I have a little collection of Yankee Candles, the sampler size ones, and as yet (after owning some for over a year) I have not had to light them because the scent is so "there" without having the candle burn. Of course this saves money too because candles are pricey! Plus they tend to burn (baby burn) at a rather speedy rate.
NEOM is a brand that is doing the rounds at the moment so I was curious to see whether the price tag was worth it on these bad boys being as everyone is so quick to spend their pennies on other brands. With a 20 hour burn time this isn't a candle to be sniffed at (haha I crack myself up) that is ages for a small travel candle, I don't even think larger candles from other brands last that long. Packaged in a sturdy white box which oozes luxury this candle comes with a box that you can use as storage, I'd happily keep the box for my dressing table, the same goes for the candle itself.
I was a bit dubious as to whether I would actually like this candle, you see I hate lavander. Hate it with a passion. Yet, when I burn this candle the lavander is mixed with the most beautiful scents of jasmine and brazilian rosewood the overall effect is truely relaxing.
NEOM say that this candle is perfect for me time, duvet days and to relieve daily stress. The first time I used this candle was when I filmed my first YouTube video in a couple of months which was pretty stressful, you see filming sends me into a flap usually but this time I remained calm - you be the judge! I would have loved to have had this candle around when I was studying for exams and writing essays through uni. 
NEOM have a wide range of scented candles for all sorts of occasions and moods. Even one there to relieve hayfever symptoms.

Do you like candles? Any particular favourite scents?




  1. Oh Charli, You are such a joker making all these funnies!

    I need to try a Neom candle! Can i still be classed as a blogger if I have never burned one? ;-)

    Leanne @ xx

  2. i think this is like a blogger must try haha, I actually don't know one beauty blogger who doesn't like candles!

    Jade | Beauty Butterfly Blog

  3. I bought some of these for my boyfriends mum and finding it really hard not to burn them myself!x