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Saturday, 8 December 2012

I always prefer a fuller coverage foundation and nothing has floated my boat as much as the ever expensive Estee Lauder Double Wear and Double Wear Max, I think like the majority of the world a cheaper alternative is always desired as long as it does the same job. Revlon Colourstay foundation has been one that I have uhmmed and ahhed about over the past few months, there has been some rave reviews and some real crapola ones so as I had used up a couple of my foundations in my mahoosive collection (and it helped that it was buy one get one half price) I bought Buff and Sand Beige. In the photo I am wearing Buff because this matches me and my casper like skin at the moment. 
First off, the packaging to put it bluntly, it should change. The bottle is lovely but this really does need a pump. Already I can tell that there is going to be loads of waste left when I finish the bottle and the extra foundation I will put on my face because loads pours out when you try and get a tiny amount from the bottle.
The foundation itself goes on nicely, takes a little buffing but my Real Techniques Buffing Brush makes light work of it, I find that as soon as I put the foundation on it looks a little cakey but after a few minutes this settles and its fine! The coverage is not as much as double wear, but it is enough for me to feel covered. I'd happily use this on a day to day basis and save double wear for special occasions. 

What do you think of Revlon Colourstay?
Do you have any heavier coverage foundation recommendations?




  1. wow, I love this foundation, it's really great <3

  2. I've been using colourstay for YEARS now, ever since I started wearing foundation actually, after following in my mum's footsteps. Who, I believe, followed in her mum's footsteps, although don't quote me on that!

    I love colourstay but I 100% agree that a pump is a necessity! That being said, turn the bottle on its side or upside down between uses when you're nearing the end and you can get the majority of it out. Or if all else fails stick the handle of a make-up brush in there and scoop it out!

    Lauren xx

  3. It looks like it gives wonderful coverage, but I completely agree that a pump is a necessity. Aside from cutting down on waste, it's just less messy that way :-)

    Nat x