Review ... Colour Restore - Ice Platnium

Saturday, 19 January 2013

The one bug bear I have with my ombre hair is keeping that "fresh" feel to the blonde, what I mean by that is no yellow. I've had my ombre hair for just under a year now - how time flies - and I had resorted to just re-bleaching the ends to lighten it again. I really didn't want to have to do that but, sending the ends of my hair into a bleach feast was the only thing I could do as the purple shampoos just were not working.

Then a couple of weeks ago Colour Restore - Iced Platnium came into my life and sorted all my brassy problems out for me. It's a hair treatment that you can use in a couple of different ways to rid the hair of yellow and brassy tones. Containing no ammonia, no peroxide or harsh chemicals this toner controls pigment levels within colour treated hair. 

There are three different ways you can use this product, all explained in the instructions leaflet. The way I used this and found it most effective was to use it like a conditioning treatment. I washed my hair as normal, with a detoxing shampoo as a moisturising shampoo can effect the results, then applied this to the ends (with gloves on!) and left it for around 20 minutes when I sat in the bath and then washed it off. You don't need to condition your hair with this, which I was a bit dubious about, but you really don't. I was left with soft hair with no yellow in at all. Brilliant!

A couple of things to mention, use an OLD towel when using this. The product is bright blue and it will stain, I have a cheap towel that I use for all things like this so don't use your best one! And always conduct a patch test 48hours before using the product, it's so important.

I will repurchase this, I intend to use it once a month to every two months to freshen up the ombre and because I only have the ends of my hair dyed this will last me ages.

Do you have any brassy tone woes?




  1. I've been using the lee stafford purple shampoo and conditioner but it's just run out and I'm thinking this might be a way to go instead. I like the lee stafford one but I'm after something that's more of a treatment instead. I might try this instead! xxx

  2. Ooo this sounds good. I have bleached my ends to put pink on the ends so might need this when I get bored of the pink.

  3. OOO this sounds great! I'm a bleach blonde (all over) and I'm starting to go slightly yellow, not a great look! Will be giving this a shot! Thanks. x

  4. I'm so brassy right now totally ran out of the LUSH one I have been using! 100% heading to boots in the week and grabbing this! xx