Hair Heros 2012 Edition...

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Batiste Dry Shampoo

This will always be a hair care hero for me, I always use dry shampoo to prolong the time inbetween hair washing and to create volume. It's as cheap as chips and lasts for ages, some of the Batiste smells are questionable but on the whole they are pleasant.

Purple Shampoos

Since having the blonde at the bottom of my hair I have most certainly seen the use for purple shampoos. They take out that horrible yellow tone and maintain a nicer blonde, making purple shampoos a definite hair hero for 2012. The brand I have used so far is John Frieda but would love your suggestions of other brands.

Another really hyped up product of 2012, the Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo shot to fame and once again I hopped on that bagwagon and I haven't looked back since. As someone who always has been on the greasier side of the scale with my hair I longed for a shampoo like this. I wash my hair on a Sunday with this and I can almost make it to Thursday without having to wash my hair again. On dryer hair types I can imagine this would be awful, I only use it on the brown part of my hair which is pretty much my natural colour now and then use the purple shampoo on the ends.

Moroccan Oil

Love it. I can't really say much more, a worthy investment in my eyes.

Since my hair has finally hit the "mermaid hair" length, just on the breasticles, I have been ditching heat and letting my hair do it's own thing, this usually means messy curls and the Surf spray just helps them along. It's a pricey product considering there are cheaper versions out there, but there is something about this that makes it a little gem!

Do you have any Hair Care Heros that I should look out for in 2013?




  1. I bought the purple John Frieda shampoo when I went blonde and even though lots of people love it, it doesn't seem to do the trick for me and gives my colour a strange, unnatural hue. I heard there's one from Lee Stafford that's supposed to be quite good as well. x

  2. I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally love Batiste although the Blush fragrance is not my favorite, I prefer the Tropical version which is fresher! Happy New Year! x

  3. You can get a good purple shampoo in savers cheap. It's just as good. I always used to use the John Freida x

    1. Ohh thank you! That will save me some pennies!! Thanks x