Most Used Makeup 2012 Edition...

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

These brushes have really caused a storm in the beauty world this year and I am well and truly caught up in it. I have the Core Collection, the Blusher Brush, the Powder Brush and the Stippling Brush. I love them all, there are a couple in the Core Collection that I didn't think that I would like, the Foundation Brush, but I have even found a use of that in concealer blending. The brushes are so soft and really durable, mine get battered and are still going strong.

Bourjois Healthy Mix

My most used foundation of the year was the Bourjois Healthy Mix in the shade 52. I have repurchased this foundation more than any other I have ever bought before (and I have almost 30 foundations at the moment - shocking.) This foundation can be used to give a medium cover, which is usually the lowest level of cover I will venture into, but can also be built up to a more heavier coverage that lasts on my face all day. My skin is on the more dehydrated side of the scale so maybe that has something to do with it.

Daniel Sandler Bronzer - Riviera 

It is no great surprise to you all that I am a massive fan of Daniel and when I met him the first time he used this bronzer on me. It's a cream bronzer that makes a lovely contour but also is brilliant for adding some bronze to the overall look, It's lasted me for ages and in my opinion it is better than the chanel bronzer!! Yes big claim I know.

MUA Eyeshadow Palettes

Cheap and as good as the Naked palettes... what else would be my most used eyeshadows. For the start of the year the most used for me was the Heaven and Earth Palette and in the second half it is the Undressed Palette. I am almost considering selling my Naked Palettes, almost.

No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara

This is one of my most favourite mascaras ever, although a late contender in 2012 may have changed that for me. To be honest I used about 4 tubes of this in 2012. My eyelashes are quiet long and with this mascara they go super curly. I only buy this when No7 have their vouchers though, a bargain hunter at heart always.

Avon Lipstick - Pink Pout

There is a bit of a story behind this lipstick, I used to do Avon myself and bought this one month. It quickly became my favourite lipstick and I used it almost until there was no more, went to repurchase and it had been discontinued so I stopped using it to try and preserve. I hunted for a dupe but could never find one and then Leanne did and bought it for me for my birthday!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

I think the whole world will have this as their most used concealer of 2012. It's cheap, covers well and is very readily available. This concealer covers even my dark circles, I am using up all my other concealers at the moment ready to repurchase this 

So there we are, my most used makeup products of 2012, stay tuned for Hair Heros and Standout Skincare. I had great fun coming up with those!
Hope you had a lovely New Years.




  1. There are a lot of products I haven't tried from this list, but I love the RT brushes, I own all of them and have a use for each one, I love Bourjois' healthy mix too! :) Collection's concealer just wasn't for me sadly. Great post x

  2. I hear so many good things about the Collection Lasting Perfection, I think this will be the year that I actually get round to giving it a go! x

  3. Nice Picks girl bourjoice and collection lasting... are high in ranking...

    H A P P Y - N E W - Y E A R

    Makeup Shakeups

  4. Great choices. I think real techniques and MUA were both great brands this year. x

  5. The concealer and brushes are on my wishlist as they are not readily available in my country.
    Love MUA!
    Great picks!

  6. Great post!. Frickin lovee healthy mix foundation, never understood why Rimmel's Wake me up foundation seems to have more love for it than healthy mix. You should try the healthy mix concealer its better than lasting perfection. Cool blog i'll give it a follow :) xx