Sunday Snapshot... Boots Haul

Sunday, 20 January 2013
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - £4.19 (On offer for £3.69)
Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Liner - Midnight Plum - £3.99

So, this week it snowed! As if you didn't know, but rather than post loads of snow pictures I thought I would stick to makeup. I love looking at everyone's snow pictures but its causing so many problems with work that I am sick of it. I had to go to work yesterday on my day off to make sure the branch could actually open. Trooper! FYI, where I live is right underneath the red weather warning.
Friday was the worst snow for us so far and all our branches got closed at 2pm to make sure staff could get home ok. This was nice which meant that Matt and I went for a nice hour long snowy walk, which we also did yesterday. It's nice to be able to have time out there enjoying it rather than worrying about work. 
Our walk yesterday ended up at boots, I was tempted to hop in starbucks but it was so busy we left it and had a nose in pets at home instead. In boots there was a few essentials that I needed, razors, muscle rub and makeup.
I needed to pick up concealer because i'd run out and it's one of the few makeup items that I don't seem to hoard millions of. I stuck to the trusty Collection Lasting Perfection, nothing really gets better. Whilst browsing the stands I continued the hunt for a lip liner to match the Rimmel 107 Lipstick, blogged about here, the lipstick is beautiful but I think it's so dark that it needs a real sharp crisp line. The only one I found that matched (that was in stock) was this one by Maybelline. I will do a proper post this week but for now here is the haul.

Have you made any sneaky purchases this week?
How have you coped with the snow?




  1. The snow has caused issues with work for me too! It's SO annoying! I really need to invest in a decent lipliner for some of my deep red lipsticks! They bleed so badly. Would be very interested to see how this one works for you. Hope you keep safe with the red weather warning! xxx

  2. God the snow has been nothing but trouble for me! I've been trying out this concealer too - love the thickness of it! Hides a mutiple of sins!

  3. i also had snow issues with work!! It was a complete nightmare... We got let out early though so we could all get home safe! (Cheers boss!) I've just played in the snow the entire time really... such a child. xx

  4. I bought the same concealer last week and found it really good!

  5. Ooh I have that Rimmel lipstick, I will keep my eyes open for this liner. I'm too scared to wear the lippy though its soo deep on me! X

  6. The lip liner looks a lovely colour.