Sunday Snapshot ... Planning

Sunday, 24 February 2013

I have had a little holiday from my blog this week, not really sure why, just "life" getting in the way haha. I joke, obviously this blog is a hobby and sometimes things are just more important.
Anyway, I have used this time to plan things and really rethink my blog. I have a few new things coming up and changes in how and the style I post. I want there to be a little more structure to my reviews/videos because I just like that. 

I found an old notepad which is a lovely patterned hardback book, I ripped all the rubbish out that was in there and started writing notes, notes of products as I use them etc. Just being more organised. With that said I am off to take my notepad into the bathroom and make notes on what I think as soon as I use products tonight. Let the note taking Sunday pamper session will never be the same again.

How have your weeks been?



New in ... Crown and Glory floral pieces...

Monday, 18 February 2013




Floral Headband - £15
Glitter Bow - £6.00 
Flower Clips - £2.50
Flower Bobby Pins - £1.20

If you haven't heard of Crown and Glory then where have you been!? Crown and Glory is run by the amazingly talented Sophie, who has had her pieces feature in so many things. I seem to have accumulated quite a collection of pieces from the site so I thought I would share them with you.
The latest item that was added to my collection was the Floral Headband which I have wanted for ages! I always saw them on bloggers and loved them but never thought I could pull one off, then one day I just thought - "ahh let's just go for it!". Needless to say it arrived and I loved it, especially with my new dark hair and I will definitely be having the confidence to rock this out on a regular basis.
The rest of the goodies were actually a little "pick me up" that Soph sneakily sent me when she heard of my fraud/burglary woes back last year. The parcel actually made me cry (with happiness!!) as I was overwhelmed at the kindness. 
I've worn the floral clips and bobby pins to weddings, which added a nice touch to some loose curls and whilst I have yet to wear the super glittery bows out they are always on display on my dressing table. In fact you may have already seen them in the background of my recent blog photos. I picture wearing them on the side of a massive messy bun to brighten up my second day hair!

Do you own anything from Crown and Glory?
What would be your favourite pick from the site?



Sunday Snapshot ... Friends Reunited

Sunday, 17 February 2013

This weekend Leanne and her fiance Tom came down, these are my favourite weekends!
Friday night was complete chill night with a chipshop and tv. Being so far apart from eachother it's nice to have evenings like this, I'm sure they would be a lot more if we lived closer.
Saturday morning saw us head into town and go SHOPPING. The only place I spent money was in Primark, I haven't worked in the center of town for a while now so going into Primark was a longed for experience. I used to go a lot in my lunch breaks! I didn't go too crazy, I needed an outfit for something that is coming up soon - all I will say is wish me luck please. I also bought two pairs of jeans, one of the £11 pairs and one of the £7 pairs. To my surprise the £7 actually fit me perfectly which pleases me greatly! I'm actually not going to bother trying on the £11 pair and just return them soon. A really nice blue jumper with shoulder sparkles also made my basket, as did a burgundy hoodie and a denim coloured shirt with lace panels, I'm thinking a haul video soon?
Saturday evening was ALL ABOUT FOOD, infact this whole weekend was (need to step up the exercise this week!) and we went to an all you can eat buffy. Wow, that was an experience. I some how managed to eat around 7 plates of food and the only section that disappointed was the curry. Even tried new things too :)
Today we took Leanne and Tom to techniquest (for those who know where this is - yey!) and then we ate a MASSIVE MUNCH in TGIs, see intagram for just how much.
So now I am slumped on the sofa after having my weekly pamper session not wanting to move much and probably having gained a stone. Oops. Worth it though



Wednesday Wishlist... Zara Buckle Boots

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

I cannot believe how cheap these boots are, considering I almost purchased the nighthawks in the office sale for £35 a few weeks ago. I cannot believe they are only £25, amazing! I have been wanting a pair of boots like these for a while, well, since they cropped up on blogs - but hey that's pretty much where I find most of the things that I want these days!

What do you think of these boots?



New In My Wardrobe ... Primark Satchel...

Monday, 11 February 2013
Satchel - Primark - £9.00

I love satchels, I have 3 and I would love many more. I have a Zatchel, my mum's school bag(!!!) and this new one from Primark. Now my Zatchel is bright red, not the most practical but lovely all the same so it doesn't tend to get too much use. My mum's school bag (complete with her primark school graffiti!) but it broke on me one day, probably because the leather is old and I haven't got around to repairing it.
On Saturday I went into Primark on my break to pick up some more plain white tops for work and saw this in the handbags. When I checked the price I knew it was coming home with me. There is plenty of space for all the crap important items that I carry around with me on a daily basis. It has two separate pockets inside, two buckles and a long strap - this bag will be with me for a while. Let's hope it doesn't behave the same as 80% of the primark bags I own and break.

What do you think?


Review ... Rimmel Apocalips - Big Bang...

Friday, 8 February 2013


Well this is a turn up for the books, I never thought that in all the excitement of purchasing the Rimmel Apocalips that I would end up being less than impressed by them. The first shade up for review is Big Bang. You cannot fault the pigmentation with this, it's a super colour and one coat is all that is needed, a few touch ups on the edges and your lips are nicely red. 

The applicator has a hollow middle to it which means that you really only need to pull the wand out of the rube to have enough to do your lips without going back in and scraping product out. I really like this design and it does make applying the product a lot easier.

That's pretty much where the good things end with this product. After about an hour of the colour on my lips they started to feel very tacky, like a really sticky lipgloss. This is after an hour of trying to stop my hair going in the product so it didn't go all over my face! After about two hours the product had bled all out of the edges of my lips (I'd even used a good lip liner and a lip seal around the edges of my lips) and to be honest it looked awful. I actually looked like I couldn't apply lipstick and it was promptly wiped off leaving the bottom half of my face stained red. Awful.

I'm so disappointed by this! Maybe there isn't the same problem with the paler shades? Not that it would benefit me, I much prefer loud colours.



Wednesday Wishlist... Orange Circle

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

These are the most perfect gift for someone who is obsessed with Harry Potter aka myself! I'm thinking of getting the iphone cover but I am going to wait and see if I change my phone. 
Orange Circle t-shirts are great (I have 3 now), they are amazing quality and wear really well. I wear a Mens Small because I like the baggy fit and can be worn with leggings. I love the variety on the site and there is even a "design" section where you can customise your items! Brilliant!!!

Do you own any Orange Circle items?



Pamper ... Looking after my hands...

Monday, 4 February 2013
Hand Food - Soap and Glory - £5.00

My hands are one of the things that I neglect the most, I always take care of my nails with the OPI nail envy inbetween my DIY shellac manicures but my hands.. well I have hand creams I just never use them.
So in a bid to get my paws in perfect shape I am enlisting the help of these three.
First off, OPI nail envy which has been the biggest revelation to my nails since I started blogging. It's actually brilliant in making your nails strong, less flakey and grow faster. Like I said I use this inbetween the DIY shellac treatments that I do which minimises any damage from that too.
Next up for cuticle care is Lush's Lemony Flutter which I bought last year and have rarely used. This I pop around the cuticles which makes them nice and soft. Any left on my hands just gets mixed in with the Soap and Glory Hand food which I love. It smells amazing and sinks in quickly. I am contemplating getting some cotton gloves to sleep in, anyone used them? Do they work?

What do you do to keep your hands in tip top condition?



Sunday Snapshot ... Apocalips

Sunday, 3 February 2013

I finally got my hands on these today, yes I totally caved into the hype surrounding them. I got Big Bang, Apocaliptic and Stella. I cannot wait to try them out tomorrow, I didn't today because just after I bought them I ate a roast dinner.. mm!!

Talking of food, I have been eating really well this week. I am so motivated with my "get fit" plan that I even filmed a video and plan on tracking my progress on Youtube too. I want to include healthy alternatives to meals that I used to eat etc, maybe? What do you think? I might include exercise routines that I have found useful too, because I have been youtubing inspiration for myself to use. 

How has your week been?



ps I am 90% sure that this week I will be kissing goodbye to ombre hair...

I have business cards... & Giveaway

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Let's just start this post by saying I would have never thought I would ever own a blog that would have business cards. I find this all slightly insane, but hey ho I am embracing it! Last month I was offered the chance to have 1,000 business cards (400gsm) printed up for Charli..., after struggling with a design I went with something very simple, but something I am very pleased with. I think they are a great as a way to get your name out there by handing out at events etc. 

The cards are a really high quality, after being inspected by people in my family who have their own business cards and they were super impressed with them! I went for a matt finish rather than something glossy but that is a personal preference. Now being that there is 1,000 of the cards I haven't inspected each one. But I have pulled the boxes apart and there is no faults on any of them.

I have also been given the amazing opportunity to offer FOUR of my readers to win a set of business cards for their own. (If you have your own business cards already then you can send off that design and InsantPrint will send out more of them). 

Here is the small print:
- Winners will be contacted via email and I will provide you with the contact email to submit your design.
- Winners will need to submit their own design using one of the supplied templates (Arts Illustrator, In Design and Photoshop)
- Instant Print will post the finished cards directly to the winners
-You will have two weeks to design and submit the design to InstantPrint and you will need to specify if you want a matt or gloss finish.

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January Favourites 2013...

Friday, 1 February 2013