Pamper ... Looking after my hands...

Monday, 4 February 2013
Hand Food - Soap and Glory - £5.00

My hands are one of the things that I neglect the most, I always take care of my nails with the OPI nail envy inbetween my DIY shellac manicures but my hands.. well I have hand creams I just never use them.
So in a bid to get my paws in perfect shape I am enlisting the help of these three.
First off, OPI nail envy which has been the biggest revelation to my nails since I started blogging. It's actually brilliant in making your nails strong, less flakey and grow faster. Like I said I use this inbetween the DIY shellac treatments that I do which minimises any damage from that too.
Next up for cuticle care is Lush's Lemony Flutter which I bought last year and have rarely used. This I pop around the cuticles which makes them nice and soft. Any left on my hands just gets mixed in with the Soap and Glory Hand food which I love. It smells amazing and sinks in quickly. I am contemplating getting some cotton gloves to sleep in, anyone used them? Do they work?

What do you do to keep your hands in tip top condition?




  1. Ahhh lemony butter sounds SO nice! I'm desperate to try it! I need to start caring for my hands so much more!


  2. I've done a similar post on how to look after lips if you want to have a read?


  3. I just want to try a Soap&Glory product of any kind, but I can never find any! But that cuticle butter probably smells beyond delightful. xx

  4. I should really take care of my hands too but I have to be so careful with the products I use!

  5. Everyone loves soft hands! ❤

  6. I love soap and glory hand food I carry it around with me everywhere, along with a burts bees cuticle butter x

  7. I'm so crap when it comes to any sort of hand care routine! I really need to invest in the cuticle butter as mine are terrible at the mo. This has definitely inspired me! x

  8. You've picked out 3 products that I've read so much about on the blogsphere and that I'd love to try myself :) Nail Envy especially!

  9. The cotton gloves are great although I do end up getting to hot & sweaty in the during the night & take them off! Even having them on for a wee hour or so helps though x