Sunday Snapshot ... Apocalips

Sunday, 3 February 2013

I finally got my hands on these today, yes I totally caved into the hype surrounding them. I got Big Bang, Apocaliptic and Stella. I cannot wait to try them out tomorrow, I didn't today because just after I bought them I ate a roast dinner.. mm!!

Talking of food, I have been eating really well this week. I am so motivated with my "get fit" plan that I even filmed a video and plan on tracking my progress on Youtube too. I want to include healthy alternatives to meals that I used to eat etc, maybe? What do you think? I might include exercise routines that I have found useful too, because I have been youtubing inspiration for myself to use. 

How has your week been?



ps I am 90% sure that this week I will be kissing goodbye to ombre hair...


  1. Heard so much hype about Apocolips, look forward to reading your opinion. Well done on eating well, I really need to get back on track! xx

  2. I'm really loving these, i picked up Celestial, Luna & Big Bang and love them so far :D

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  3. Also looking forward to your Apocalips review (what an amazing name btw haha). I really need to start eating better/exercising...

    The Style Rawr!

  4. Sooooo wanna try these! I love your blog, check out mine if you get a chance?

  5. Really want to try these! x

  6. I bought the stellar shade today and I love it! The texture feels so nice and the colours really bright. Addictive stuff! X