Sunday Snapshot ... Friends Reunited

Sunday, 17 February 2013

This weekend Leanne and her fiance Tom came down, these are my favourite weekends!
Friday night was complete chill night with a chipshop and tv. Being so far apart from eachother it's nice to have evenings like this, I'm sure they would be a lot more if we lived closer.
Saturday morning saw us head into town and go SHOPPING. The only place I spent money was in Primark, I haven't worked in the center of town for a while now so going into Primark was a longed for experience. I used to go a lot in my lunch breaks! I didn't go too crazy, I needed an outfit for something that is coming up soon - all I will say is wish me luck please. I also bought two pairs of jeans, one of the £11 pairs and one of the £7 pairs. To my surprise the £7 actually fit me perfectly which pleases me greatly! I'm actually not going to bother trying on the £11 pair and just return them soon. A really nice blue jumper with shoulder sparkles also made my basket, as did a burgundy hoodie and a denim coloured shirt with lace panels, I'm thinking a haul video soon?
Saturday evening was ALL ABOUT FOOD, infact this whole weekend was (need to step up the exercise this week!) and we went to an all you can eat buffy. Wow, that was an experience. I some how managed to eat around 7 plates of food and the only section that disappointed was the curry. Even tried new things too :)
Today we took Leanne and Tom to techniquest (for those who know where this is - yey!) and then we ate a MASSIVE MUNCH in TGIs, see intagram for just how much.
So now I am slumped on the sofa after having my weekly pamper session not wanting to move much and probably having gained a stone. Oops. Worth it though




  1. There's nothing better than a Primark spend!

  2. Awww it's so lovely that you've made such a good friend through blogging!

    - Tabitha at x