Sunday Snapshot ... Planning

Sunday, 24 February 2013

I have had a little holiday from my blog this week, not really sure why, just "life" getting in the way haha. I joke, obviously this blog is a hobby and sometimes things are just more important.
Anyway, I have used this time to plan things and really rethink my blog. I have a few new things coming up and changes in how and the style I post. I want there to be a little more structure to my reviews/videos because I just like that. 

I found an old notepad which is a lovely patterned hardback book, I ripped all the rubbish out that was in there and started writing notes, notes of products as I use them etc. Just being more organised. With that said I am off to take my notepad into the bathroom and make notes on what I think as soon as I use products tonight. Let the note taking Sunday pamper session will never be the same again.

How have your weeks been?




  1. Heyyy this is a great idea, I need to be more organised with my blog as well! I used to have this note pad as well, and I found it the other week...there was a picture of Michael Jackson in there I drew when I was 16 and in love with him haha!
    Much love, Sarah x

  2. aww nice post :) my week has been pretty awful.. just homework and babysitting :( xx

  3. I love getting a bit of a boost and motivation towards blogging. Half term has been just what I needed....I feel refreshed and have had lots of new ideas for things to do on my blog!

    - Tabitha at x

  4. I feel the same about my blog, haha. I want mine to be more structured as well. I guess those sorts of things take time, though I found that using a notebook and planning things out works nicely.

  5. I have so many old notebooks, I love rediscovering them again and making good use of them.