Current Make Up Storage...

Thursday, 21 March 2013

For Christmas I got some clear makeup storage and I love it. I can see everything I own (well not quite - I have far too much and this isn't even half of it) but it has actually made me want to use everything and I've been using products that I would have usually forgotten about - namely lipsticks and blusher.

How do you store your makeup?




  1. LOVE!! I need to get some of these. I currently have a tiffany coloured box from Fortnum & Mason that my dad have a bottle of champagne in at xmas, which looks gorgeous but it is sooo unorganised in there so these are a must! x

  2. This is just so cute!

    Are they sturdy? I'm at uni ad forever traveling too and from / moving house so i'd be worried they would just break

  3. I love clear makeup storage! I really want to try the Muji ones!

  4. So jealous of your make-up storage! It's so pretty and organised :) At the moment I just use Laura Ashley drawers for my make-up and mugs for my brushes, pretty tempted to invest in some Muji drawers though x

    Sarah @ xx

  5. Loving the clear make up storage :)

    what a great blog you have!
    Feel free to check out mine?
    Love, Emily x