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Monday, 4 March 2013

Hat - Ebay (post here) - £3.45
Jacket - Primark - £8.00
Tshirt - Orange Circle - £13.49
Jeans - Primark - £7
Converse - Amazon - £34.00

Let's just pause and take a moment to see that there is an outfit post on this blog... I hope someone has got the record book out! I think I've found a simple way to take them. I stop on the way to the car, Matt stands and presses the "take" button on my iphone continuously and I stand there and try not to get hair in my lipgloss! Well that is how these photos were taken and even though they aren't the best in terms of - taken on a phone and not a fancy camera, I am pretty pleased with them!
It wasn't too shocking having my photos taken so here is hoping there will be more to come. This is what I wore yesterday on a lazy Sunday where were popped to the garden center to get some rabbit and hamster treats, yup standard.
I even went out without a handbag, everyone who knows me knows that I carry the WORLD around with me in my handbag. There is something for every occassion but today I thought I would challenge myself and it felt good. I usually panic without my bag, I suffer from anxiety, but this honestly felt great not lugging a heavy bag around.
On the heavy bag note, my Zara messenger bag broke last week. It was my favourite bag and there was no saving it. To replace it I have forked out on the Zara city office bag which I know everyone has but it seems the only bag that will be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the things I carry around.

So what do you think? Can I pass as a fashion blogger? haha!

Oh and here is my new dark hair too!! What do you think?




  1. Yay for outfit posts. I need to get some converse!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  2. Love love love this outfit post! Really like the dark hair too! x

  3. What an adorable outfit post, its so nice to see someone having fun with blogging :) well done for going out without a bag, I am just like you, I have to have all my usual stuff or I just don't feel right. Your hair looks gorgeous xx

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  4. Woop woop for an outfit post. I really want to get a bit more adventurous with my photo locations, but i'm SCARED.

  5. looking gorgeous lady!! xxx

  6. Love the outfit - Geek tees and Converse (or mock Converse in my case!) are two of my fave things at the mo! Your blog heading also made me lol - hamsters?! Amazing xx


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  8. Love that - wish I could get decent outfit posts!! Looks awesome!! Xxx

  9. Love these photos :) your dark hair looks fab xx