OOTD... Pastels...

Friday, 22 March 2013
Hat - Dorothy Perkins
Necklace - Dorothy Perkins
Jumper - Topshop - Via Ebay
Watch - My Bampy's
Skirt - New Look
Tights - Primark Cosy Tights
Wedge Trainers - Dorothy Perkins
Bag - Ebay
Coat - Charity Shop (£1!)

Can I at least be credited for the fact that I am doing these OOTDs? I know the pictures suck and my "posing" is hilarious but ya know it's nice to talk about clothes. I wore this last Sunday to go to Matts mums for a roast dinner - mmm! - the primark tights were perfect in keeping me warm as it was FREEZING.
The one bonus point that has occurred since me actually starting to document what I wear (mainly on Sundays) is that I always wear the same things. Always. Like the black jeans and I almost grabbed them for this day too before thinking "NOPE all your other outfits have featured these jeans" so naturally I grabbed a black skirt haha. At least I'm trying to mix things up.
The jumper was an amazing find on ebay (seller link here) where the seller has all topshop items for much cheaper and I wear it so much, a fairly lightewight knit in beautiful pastel colours - it's love.
Paired with my wedge trainers to give me some height and try to elongate my mahoosive thighs and calves this look is actually one of my favourites. What do you think?

Ohh almost forgot to mention the coat, I bought it from a charity shop for £1, yes, £1. It's such a bargain because it's a nice thick winter coat that I've seen similar on the high street for hundreds. The coat has pretty much become one of my favourites even if I couldn't figure out what size it is and it has massive shoulder pads.

Are there items in your wardrobes that you always go to without fail?




  1. I love the colour of this jumper :)


  2. Looking as lovely as ever Charli! Love the colour of your knit!

  3. Ah you look lovely Charli! Love your knit and that bag! xx