New in my Wardrobe ... Slogan T-shirts...

Monday, 18 March 2013
Dork Tshirts - Primark - £4
Geek Tshirt - Orange Circle - £13.79

These type of t-shirts have been around for a while now, most obviously the geek offering from topshop and as soon as I saw them I fell in love. I don't even know why - They are simple and a few months ago I probably would have said that I hated them. After seeing them on blogs (like most things I crave) I knew I wanted some so decided to flutter in these DORK options from Primark, for £4 you really cannot go wrong. 
Then I found that Orange Circle actually have a section where you can create your own tshirts and customise ones that they already have designed! Plus it's still cheaper than the topshop version too.

Did you hop into the slogan tshirt trend? What have been your favourites?




  1. I've not really been bitten by the slogan tee bug, I've not seen any about yet which take my fancy.

  2. I was SO determined not to give in to the slogan t-shirts, but then I saw the MATHLETE one in Primark and just couldn't resist haha. Errrrbody loves Mean Girls.x