The Event... St David's Ladies Night...

Saturday, 30 March 2013
beauty bus

So somehow I've managed not to blog for almost a week and I'm not even sure how that happened!
On Thursday night the Ladies of Cardiff all flocked to St David's Shopping Center for the annual Ladies Night. A night full of pampering, discounts, drinks and shopping it's not one to miss. Some of the attractions this year were the St Davids' Beauty Bus, Nandos chicken, free candy floss and so much more.
First off we met at John Lewis (after I managed to park my car!!) then mooched around the shops before meeting up with everyone in Wagamamas (I have never eaten there before) and we ate some slippery food(!!) and caught up!
Then before I knew it the evening was over, time flies when you have fun! Ohh Myself, Gemma, Leanne and Cowbiscuits got papped ;) and I always forget to take pictures. Always.




  1. SLIPPERY FOOOOOD! hahah was class to see you xx

  2. We need to things together more often! xx

  3. this sounds lovely, I LOVE cardiff! xx

  4. Haha slippery food!

    Cannot wait to catch up with everyone on 27th xx