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Viva Glam Nicki // Vegas Volt // Impassioned // Candy Yum Yum // Costa Chic // Speed Dial

We all love a good lipstick post and whilst having a makeup sort out that I tend to do every weekend I started swatching my lipsticks in order to find some love for long lost colours that have been shunted the the back of the queue. Then came the idea to group them into brands and start to note down the reasons for buying the lipsticks to jog my memory to wear them!

First of we shall start with the ever so popular MAC, or should I say used to be popular MAC. They really fell down my ranks with the whole selling in China thing, but nevertheless here are my lipsticks that I accumulated before that. Now I know MAC have loads of different formulas and I will try my best to describe them - not that I am pretending to have any clue at all!

The first MAC lipstick I ever bought was Vegas Volt, I bought this with my friend Michelle in the stand alone MAC store. Michelle is a makeup artist so has that special card which gives discount so I added some items to her basket whilst I was there. Vegas Volt is a bright orange which I happen to love, I know orange lipsticks aren't to most tastes. The satin finish I guess means that the lipstick is moisturising? Well it's not drying.. so maybe that's what it does mean? Told you I didn't have a clue.

The next one that I bought was Speed Dial, this was in the time when I was hunting for a dupe for my favourite Avon lipstick as I thought it was discontinued (no worries as Leanne came to my rescue!) I was after a nude pink that is nice to wear daytime and this ticks all those boxes. It's a cremesheen finish, which my educated guess would say means that it's more sheer than the other lipstick formulas and I would agree with that. It doesn't last as long as the other MAC lipsticks do, but this suits me fine as I usually need a top up around dinner time after I have had a munch.

I think the next one after that was MAC Viva Glam Nicki, I bought this one day after work whilst I was waiting for Matt to finish work. I love this colour, it's so bright and lovely, plus the proceeds went to charity so I didn't feel so bad about shelling out on it. The one thing I haven't mentioned yet is the price of MAC lipsticks, yeah it's far too high and yes I think that about other lipstick brands too. Anyway back to Viva Glam Nicki, I wore it into work one day and my colleague fell in love with it too, so somehow I bought another one in fear that it would sell out and then be discontinued again. So now I have two, one in use and the other in it's box.

The next MAC lipstick I snapped up was Costa Chic from Estee's blogsale (EssieButton),  I didn't really need another orange lipstick but this was barely used and cheaper because it was a blogsale so yaknow it ended up in my clutches. Its a shimmery version of Vegas Volt which makes sense as it's a frost finish. I think I read somewhere that this is a drying formula but that doesn't happen with this lipstick.

Next up is probably the most sort after MAC lipstick - Candy Yum Yum. I wanted this lipstick FOR SO LONG. You have no idea, I explained it all in the post that I wrote about it (link here) I craved it and actually found some pretty great dupes (link here) so it's not the only neon pink lipstick in the world. Nevertheless I still love it. It's an amplified finish which means the colour packs a punch, I think that's clear from the swatch. It does last a while on my lips but if I'm not careful it can get a little drying.

Finally my last MAC lipstick is Impassioned. There was a picture on pinterest of this lipstick I saw months and months ago of Impassioned and one day Leanne phoned me from an outlet store and it was there and was a lot cheaper than MAC lipsticks usually are so she picked on up for me and it's love. A really lovely bright pink which is very pigmented (amplified finish) and its one of my favourite lipsticks.

Looking at the colours all together I do have a tendency for oranges and pinks (and reds from other brands) and its made me want to take different lipsticks to work to get the wear out of them. Maybe I should have a MAC lipstick week.. would I get away with Candy Yum Yum in work? Probably not!

What MAC lipsticks do you own?
To be honest there are so many dupes out there, but I am on the hunt to uncover a few :)




  1. You forgot to mention how delicious they all smell. VANILLA. yum!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  2. I'm ashamed to say I own all of these, I have a serious Mac lipstick addiction. One of my all time favourite shades though is hue, it's the perfect nude but it just has enough pink in it to stop the consealer syndrome.

  3. I only got two MAC lipsticks last month from the Archie's Girls collection but I really love the look of Impassioned.. I'm a pink lipstick girl!
    Chloe - Very Lovely Stuff

  4. Impassioned is calling my name!

  5. I LOVE my mac lipsticks - Costa Chic is my go-to summer shade. I've had my eye on Impassioned for a good few months now but I'm trying to hold off until my birthday. I'm SO tempted! xx

  6. I think Candy Yum Yum is one of my most favourite lipsticks! I went crazy for it too when it originally released and sold out :(
    Glad it's been made permanent stock now! It's gorgeous

  7. You have such a gorgeous collection! I'm loving the look of Candy Yum Yum! x

  8. I love MAC lipsticks. I went to buy impassioned the other week but it was sold out :(



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