The Event... Next Homeware...

Tuesday, 30 April 2013
next homeware

next homeware

next shopping

next shopping

next shopping

next shopping

next shopping

next shopping

next shopping

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to go along to the Next Homeware and Fashion event in my local store. A store which I hadn't visited before, usually go to town or shop online, I was amazed at what Next actually stocks and the really reasonable prices the goods are at!

There are some amazing collections available that I have promptly decided I need and it has really made me excited about the prospect of owning my own home (in however many years it will take me) which I can decorate and have themes in each room.

The first theme we were shown was "The Good Life" which breathes Scandinavian simplicity into your home with soft yellow, ochre and putty shades. You can see a lot of this display in my vlog, it's so lovely and refreshing. There are a lot of craft influences with things like jam jar vases, knits and crochet. It's very fifties inspired yet still looks so modern.

Another theme for the spring/summer is Blossom and Bloom which takes organic prints straight from the catwalks and puts them into watercolour designs for bedding, wallpaper and cushions. The theme features raspberry pink heavily and it's softened with pastel hues.

One of my favourite themes in the store was the Boat House. The nautical elements were right up my street from the porthole mirrors to the rope laterns - I love it! I also like how the theme looks amazing in a living room because it knocked the stereotype of a nautical bathroom right out of my head.

For the most beautiful rustic tones the San Diego theme ticks all the boxes. It's so different to anything I have ever seen before, I loved the burnt orange shades.

Following on from the homeware we were also given a voucher to spend and spent the afternoon at St David's Hotel being pampered and shown the new tv advert which is so clever! We also got to see how it was made, very very clever! I will be posting about that in another post!

What do you think to NEXT homeware?
Which themes are your favourite?



The Beauty Post... Hair Removal...

Monday, 29 April 2013

Welcome to a post about the BANE OF MY LIFE. Hair removal and all the problems that come with it. There are so many methods and I have tried a fair few in my times and there are pros and cons to every single one of them. Hair removal is such a personal agenda and please don't feel like I am saying one way is right over the other - I'm not! Oh also I'm not removing hair because I am pressured by society and all that jazz, I hate body hair, and I'll leave that statement at that. I'm going to talk about the methods I've tried in the order of the time the hair removal lasts from the shortest to the longest.


First of is probably the most popular method of shaving. I have a love hate relationship with shaving. It's so easy, cheap and convenient but to me it's also the most annoying. The great thing about shaving is you don't have to wait for the regrowth of the hair before you can whip it off! However for me there are SO many faults. The regrowth comes back so fast and if you believe some myths it comes back thicker, then you can get shaving rash which is annoying. On top of that there is the cost of constantly buying razors and boy does it hurt if you cut yourself. Oh and I don't use fancy shaving foams - cheap conditioner does the trick.

Hair Removal Cream

This is something that I remember my Mum using when I was younger. It used to stink the house out - remember when Veet was called Immac? Then when I was younger and too embarrassed to ask about hair removal I slapped a load on my legs and it promptly burnt me beyond belief, horrific. Rolls forward a good 5 years and I tried a few other brands. They aren't bad, the smells certainly have been improved and I am careful with the timings now. The finish is much smoother than shaving and I think it lasts a little longer but you do have to have slightly more regrowth.


Can anyone say OUCH? This is personally the most painful method I have tried. It's that green contraption in the photo and I bought it on offer from boots a few years ago. A one off payment for around £30 (there are more expensive ones, and fancier ones with cooling strips) you turn it on and roll it up and down the body part you want to de-fuzz. I've found a couple of ways that help, I put a hot water bottle on my legs before (or have a hot bath) and this helps to open the pore so the hairs can be plucked out easier. The results last a few weeks but you do have to have a good amount of regrowth before you can epilate. There are some that say they will pick out hair which is as small as a grain of sand, but I don't believe it.


This is my preferred method for long term results that I have tried so far, especially when someone else does it for me. You can buy your own strips from boots etc which do actually work fairly well. I just prefer to have someone else inflict the pain. If I am using home wax strips then I heat them with the hair dryer rather than in my hands so they work better. I've never been to a salon to have a wax as I know someone that comes to your home. I think that's easier and much more comfortable for my liking. Again the down side is the regrowth, the longer the better with waxing. Oh wouldn't it all be easier if it just went away for good, and that is where my next section comes in.

Laser Hair Removal

Permanent hair removal? YES PLEASE. As soon as I can afford it I think I will really look into it. There are a number of places that offer it, one is the sk:n clinics and to be honest the pricing isn't as bad as I thought it was. There are loads of offers on there so I guess I'd better start saving. Have any of you guys had it before? Does it work?

What is your favourite method of hair removal? It really is the bane of my life so any tips will be appreciated!



The Thirfty Post... 30 ways to save £1...

Since moving out and having to pay for everything from rent to cotton wool now I am always on the look out to save money. I heard about the Money Saving Expert 30 ways to save £1 to mark the anniversary of the £1 and I thought I'd give it a go! Read more about it here.

1. This is more one of the beauty bloggers amoung us. SHOP YOUR STASH. I have so many pink lipsticks it is ridiculous, I really don't need the same shade from every brand.

2. Don't fall for the "hype". There are so many posts I read and I immediately think "I need" and want to run out to the shop, but give it a week and then I actually realise that I didn't need that product after all.

3. Ignore the emails from brands. Sometimes I do need things and the discount codes actually come in handy, but they are there to make you spend - DELETE.

4. One for the workers - take a packed lunch to work. You will save hundreds in a year.

5. If you work in a town center do not go out shopping on your lunch, I used to do this loads and was spending so much. I started to go out for a walk only or read a book somewhere.

6. Students - sign up for a student card and student forums, there are loads of hints and tips for saving money.

7. Get advantage cards, for example boots and nectar cards. Every so often I have built up enough points to get a full tank of petrol or a whole months of essentials from boots.

8. Don't dismiss the supermarkets own brands. I am guilty of this, I am a shopping snob but to be honest there are some hidden gems there. Especially girly items (and I am saying no more).

9. Take advantage of the buy in bulk options, but be smart about it. Sometimes it works out cheaper (my rabbits food) and also sometimes it doesn't and there are some sneaky supermarkey pricings that means you pay more.

10. Buy a load of reduced products from the supermarket and freeze it. It's what we do with our meat and then we eat it throughout the month - it's fine! Just don't keep it too long.

11. Do your food shop online. I am so tempted to "just add this" to my trolley in a supermarket but you can't do that online. Also most of the time the supermarket saves your shop so you can see what you buy each month.

12. Shop at clearance stores.... See this post and I shall let it do all the talking. 

13. In general always shop around, there is pretty much always another shop that will do it cheaper.

14. Shop in charity shops, I found a winter coat last year for £1. Yes £1.

15. Boot sales (and then ebay!) you can save money and make money there!

16. Take advantage of loyalty schemes like back to mac and the lush scheme that allows you to take back empty pots in return for a facemask.

17. Invest in a travel mug and take your own coffee or tea. Think how much a take out coffee costs and then times it by how many times you buy it in a month. Wow.

18. Review your direct debits, phone contracts, gas & water suppliers... can you get things for cheaper? Are you using all those minutes you have?

19. Try not to be drawn into 3for2 offers. I was guilty of it this weekend, I only needed one item (and it was a trial) but I immediately picked up the three of them. I didn't need all of them!

20. Unless it's something that you use a lot of, in that case STOCK UP!

21. Always take snacks with you, I always get the munchies so have a pack of breakfast biscuits with me at all times.

22. Always carry a bottle of water - same reasons as above.

23. In Wales we have to pay for carrier bags so I always have some in my handbag. It's saved me loads over the past few months.

24. Download vouchers apps and always google to see if there is a valid voucher code for what you are buying. Who wouldn't want money off for the sake of typing in 5 letters?

25. Research things before you buy. Sometimes a review will tell you that the item you want either isn't good or wouldn't be good for you!

26. Grow your own veg! I love having a lettuce plant in the flat and it means I don't have a bag of gone off lettuce in the fridge which I have to replace all the time.

27. Join a library. There are so many amazing books and other resources in libraries so take advantage of them rather than buying a book you won't read again.

28. Sort out a staple wardrobe so you have fewer items but they go with everything so you get your wear out of items.

29. Do a meal planner so you only buy the foods you need for the week/month.

30. Sign up to Money Saving Expert. I thought that would have been obvious ;)

Do you have any more tips??



The Sunday Snapshot... The Catch up...

Sunday, 28 April 2013


orange shoes
Shoes - She Likes *

I've decided this week is going to be a catch up Sunday Snapshot post. Blogging has been a bit few and far between AGAIN, working full time and then gymming most nights really takes it out of me and with the change in where I work meaning no full days off in the week anymore I'm finding it hard, the motivation has just about gone.

However, a visit from Leanne and taking some snaps on her camera, coupled with a Cardiff blogger meet up and the motivation has crept back. 

I thought i'd use this post to update you on some happens, mainly to do with animals if you couldn't tell! This time last week I lost my precious Marli, I found her curled up asleep in her bed and I am heartbroken. I adopted her last January when a colleague could no longer take care of her and she really was hilarious. My animals feature heavily on my blog so felt the need to share. The messages on twitter, facebook and instagram were so lovely, thank you.

Her cage remained empty for 4 days, the emptiness really gets to me, after my Louis died his cage was only empty for 2 days until Gusgus came into my life. I love having a home filled with animals to love so it wasn't long before I was contemplating who would fill the empty cage. My thoughts then changed to owning Dwarf Hamsters instead of a Syrian. I wanted a change and also a challenge as I've never owned them before. 

They is a pretty hilarious story to how I ended up with Jaq and Lucifer (brownie points if you know where their names are from!!) but I might save that for a youtube video, it's just easier! It's their 8 week birthday today, so Happy Birthday you two... I can't wait for the challenges and fun times the next 3 years will hold for us. It's love. Marli will forever be loved, as Louis will be.

Onto something more materialistic than animals and that would be these amazing shoes that arrived on Saturday morning. HELLO ZARA DUPES for only £27!!!! I've tried them on and they are really easy to walk in too. Bonus.

Hope you have all had lovely weeks, look out for reviews, OOTDs and a vlog of the Cardiff meet up this week. Oh and Leanne also filmed me getting ready today (THAT sounds creepy ha) so here is to more adventurous Youtube videos.


The Makeup Bag... The Lunchtime Touch Ups

Friday, 26 April 2013
Caudalie Beauty Elixr // Elf Kabuki Brush //  No7 Lipstick // Rimmel Stay Matte Powder // Elf Concealer // Elf Powder

There comes a point in every day where a touch of of makeup is essential for me, well not essential for how I look necessarily but it is just something that is part of my daily routine. It also helps eat some minutes into my lunch hour which can sometimes get a little boring. I now don't work in the center of town, which meant I shopped loads, my lunchtime does drag on. It's not the prettiest of staff rooms to sit in either! Anyway back to the makeup...

The makeup touch up always occurs at the end of my lunch break. I tend to use the last ten minutes to completely refresh my appearance so I am ready for the final few hours of my day. I always want to have a nap right after my lunch, which obviously I can't do so first off a spritz of the Caudile Beauty Elixr is a must. I'm still not 100% sure what this does or even whether it has an effect on my skin. The one thing I can guarantee is that it does wake me up. I love the minty scent.  

Next up is touches of concealer, I'm trying to use the ELF one up because quite frankly I've had it for ages and it's going to go off soon. I touch up under my eyes mainly because that is where my glasses rub, rubbing off my concealer that I put on in the morning!

Finally for the skin is a combination of the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder to get rid of any shininess and the ELF complexion powder to contour. Finally there is the very important step of adding a lip colour. To me wearing a lip colour completes my make up so a slick of colour and I am ready to go, well, that and my afternoon coffee.

Whats your touch up essentials?



Leanne is here for the weekend woooo!

The Haul... Matalan Clearance Store...

Monday, 22 April 2013


Maxi Skirt - £1 // Trousers - £5 // Shirt (Mens) - £3 // Red Shoes - £5 // Nude Shoes - £2 // Cups - 50p each

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the most amazing shop I think I have ever been to. I am here to yell at you get on google and find your nearest Matalan Clearance store, mine is Newport. The store inside is really well laid out and to be honest just looks like a normal Matalan. There is no jumble sale feeling to the store. Some of the clothes are just on rails but everything is hung up, everything is in size order and EVERYTHING is fine - as in it's not faulty!

To be honest I could have spent a lot more than just £19 (I also bought a tea holder for my peppermint tea for £1) because there were numerous dresses and printed trousers that caught my eye but I just don't need them and I am hoping that I can drop some sizes. I will 100% be going back, especially for holiday and most of the bikinis were just 50p!!

The store is literally insane but there were SO many nice things there. It's made me re-evaluate how much people spent on clothes and what the huge mark ups are. I think i'll always try shopping there before I go anywhere else now! I've also found a new love for clearance shops on a whole such as  Next and GAP.

I found out about this shop thanks to my awesome work friend Aimi, who has also started a blog whooop! It's here (link) and i'd love it if you went along for a nosey. It's a mummy blog, her kids are just hilarious and the cakes Aimi makes are awesomes too!

Have you shopped in a store like this?

What's been your biggest bargain to date?



Just wanted to say Thank You for all the messages last night. For those who don't know my hamster Marli died and it was horrible, but everyones messages really did take the edge off. Thank you.

The Jewellery Collection... Ebay Necklaces...

Friday, 19 April 2013

cheap necklaces

If you don't know that statement necklaces are the "thing" now then where have you been?! They are everywhere. But honestly I am not up for paying the £million price tags on them. Well there may have been a slight exaggeration in that last sentence but when you find out how much I paid for these then a tenner would seem like too much. I had my eye on ones in places like zara, topshop and h&m but found some gems on good ol' ebay. The seller linked has loads of pieces, some seen on online jewellery shops (!!) and everything is super cheap. In TOTAL I paid no more than £1.90 for all of these. One was 6p, one was £1.30 and the other was around 50p... oh and did I mention that this was free postage??
I have another one of it's way in the post, this one seems to be taking longer than the necklaces pictured. These arrived within a week of ordering which is super!

What do you think to my bargains?



The OOTD... My Leaving Do...

Monday, 15 April 2013

Me: Blazer - h&m // Necklace - Kukee // Dress - My friend's shop // Tights - Primark // Boots - New Look

Laura: Blazer - Zara // Dress - River Island // Wedges - New Look // Bag - Laura's Nan's

A couple of weeks ago I actually went into town, shock horror!! It was my leaving do from one branch to another and a few other people are leaving too. We headed to Tiger Tiger and had the most amazing food followed by an evening in a VIP booth! Laura and I both had the chicken fajitas and they were YUMMMMMM!!!! Not an exaggeration either. Laura stayed at my flat and when we got back from town we stayed up for hours gossiping, drinking tea and eating toast. Perfect.

I can't believe I actually wore a midi dress out, alright so I cheated and added my comfort blanket which that evening took the form of my trusty h&m blazer and if I am 100% honest here I squeezed into my spanx for the occasion. It was only £12 and I'm sure that with a few more spin classes under my belt I will be wearing it on it's own.

Laura looks beautiful all the time, dammit woman! But she looks super in a leopard print dress. I know it's a favourite of hers from a few seasons ago and she wishes she bought more of them so if you know anywhere that sells them please let me know!

What's your go to look for a night on the town?
That's me done for another year, I really hate "going to town" at night. Much prefer daytime when the shops are open!



The Sunday Snapshot... GusGus

Sunday, 14 April 2013

This Sunday I was struggling for idea's for the Sunday Snapshot and I thought I would do a little pet update, will do one on each of my pets over the next few Sunday's but today the spotlight (or the camera flash) falls upon my little baby GusGus. Gus is over 2 years old now, which I know means that my time left with him is limited. He's showing signs of old age, his nails aren't as well kept and his fur is a little rough but he is still adorable.

I'm sure his favourite past time is just being able to run around the flat, most of the time it's me following him around making sure he doesn't get into trouble but we have had a few occassions when he has escaped - the more serious resulting in him actually inside the foundations of our flat!! Madness. Although as pictured above he does like the occasional trip inside the wardrobe.

Anywho, I love this little guy more than anything and I miss Louis (who died 2 years ago now) so much, it still can bring me to tears when I think about when he died - he took his last breath in my arms.

Blogging is being a right struggle at the moment. I am so motivated to go to the gym (especially spin) and that is taking up most of my evenings (needing time to recover and have a bath!) so I am trying to hard to keep up blogging. Thats why I am posting less than usual and why the Behind the Blogger came so an abrupt pause. The fact that my emails messed up for so long didn't help!

So yeah, I vow to try and maintain some sort of routine, but life (and fitting into a bridesmaid dress) is more important at the moment.



The Event... Belle Toujours Cardiff...

Saturday, 13 April 2013
belle toujours sign

Last week I probably had one of the best evenings in a long time. I was invited to sit on a beauty panel with 5 other bloggers in Belle Toujours, a fairly new salon/spa hybrid that has opened on Cathedral Road in Cardiff. Now I want to start of by saying that I did have a fantastic evening and even though the treatments I received were provided for free my opinions of the evening are 100% honest. The whole experience was just brilliant. So there we go, you know it's going to be a rave blog post from the start.

Belle Tourjours opened in November 2012 and it's in a Victorian townhouse. If you have ever seen Cathedral Road you will know what I mean when I say the buildings are pretty impressive, google earth it! Claire Bellamy wanted to create a destination where both women and men could have every beauty/hair need they could ever require under one roof, but with affordability being thought of at every stage. 

To be honest I hadn't heard about the salon at all until I had the email so I went straight over to the Belle Toujour website. I think a website can say a lot about a brand/company so I looked on every page to try and get a feel for the salon. I was really impressed with the site, simple but so stylish so I had high expectations and they were certainly met. I am looking for somewhere to go for my Christmas do in work so always had that on the back burner whilst there. 

belle toujours cardiff
The salon itself definitely has the WOW factor. When I walked in I was so surprised at the decor. I thought it was going to be generic "salon style" but it isn't. I love the black and white, especially the massive mirrors. Another nice touch is that the mirrors have shelves behind so the salon never looks cluttered. One of the treatments offered was to have a Joico K-Pac hair treatment. I had never heard of the treatment before but with dying my hair a lot I thought it would really help. The treatment involved a 4 step process, a clarifying shampoo, a step to smooth the hair folicles, a step to heal the hair from the inside and then one for the outside. The whole process took around 15 mins and has left me with the softest hair I have ever had. I also had my hair cut too - went for the full fringe - what do you think? I wasn't as nervous as I usually am in having my hair cut, Lauren really listened and I am so happy with the result! Side notes, the basin chairs have the massagers in them and there was no hard sell with the products used!
belle toujours cardiff
The second part of my evening was the most amazing back massage I have ever, ever, ever had. You get my drift.. it was amazing. Anyone who knows me will know that I suffer really badly with my back, there is a family history of problems and I hold all tension in my shoulders too. I see a chiropractor on a regular basis since the age of 13 so I was far too excited for this. First off the room, a little haven tucked away at the back of the building with again the most amazing decor. It is so calming I instantly relaxed in there and prepared for my massage. To be honest I could happily have stayed there all night. Rachel picked up on the problems in my back without me even telling her and adapted the massage to suit that. The Elemis products used were so luxurious but because Rachel is so knowledgeable the treatment is much more than "just a beauty treatment". I am going to go back in about 8 weeks to have another one and keep them up, I felt so much better afterwards.
belle toujours cardiffAnother surprise to the salon is that there is a whole area/room.. well almost floor dedicated to male grooming. Now I for one know that my boyfriend hates how "girly" hairdressers can be, unless you go to a walk in barbers when the luxury aspect completely goes out of the window, but here Belle Toujours have hit the nail on the head and created the perfect area for the men. Something to note as well, there is a lot of decorative things around the salon/spa but everything looked so clean. The place is so well maintained.

I know some people will be reading this thinking "yeah yeah, so where are the bad bits" well there are none. I would happily have paid for the treatments I had and I am in the future. I probably won't have my hair cut there unless it's a really special occasion, or the free fringe trim, but that is because my boyfriends mum is a hairdresser and times are hard with needing to save every penny (although I really enjoyed being pampered - head massage FTW!) but I most certainly am going back for another massage and the rest. The prices are so reasonable, I was afraid things were going to cost a bomb, have a look for yourselves and let me know what you think.

I did vlog some of the day and I'm going to put up the footage soon!


The OOTD... Bowling...

Wednesday, 10 April 2013
Blazer - H&M // Tshirt - Zara // Leather Look Jeans - New Look // Bowling Shoes - Hollywood Bowl // Stupid pose - Models Own.

So this is just what I wore bowling one evening, we also went for food just before so wanted something smart but also bowling appropriate. It was a random evening for a friends birthday and was SO MUCH FUN. A couple of us are off horse riding soon, so excited, there is a beach trek thing going on and I literally cannot wait. I haven't ridden in years and I really miss it.

Anywho, I rarely wear all black outfits, but I kinda like it. Another thing I noticed with these pictures is that my legs look smaller too - exercise paying off or the all black outfit? Who knows, but I'm happy.

This week seems to be dragging, how can it only be Wednesday! Roll on this weekend where I have loads to blog about, film and create! Busy Busy - not to mention the two, yes TWO, spin classes. I'm doing 5 this week ;) 



The Nails... Neon...

Monday, 8 April 2013
Primark Neon Nail Polish
Primark Neon Nail Polish

Neon Yellow - Primark - £2.00 (in a pack of 4)
Had neon yellow, green, pink and orange in the pack.

We've all seen the latest trend sweeping the catwalks and well, basically everywhere. Neon. Whether it's green, orange pink or yellow it's everywhere and I love it. I have to be honest and say I want every neon beanie, jumper, bag and shoes I'm seeing. Especially on ebay as everything is so cheap. Long gone are they days when I used to walk past Blue Star and raising an eyebrow at the neon heels, you know what I mean girls? Now I am actively hunting for a pair of neon shoes! Who would have thought that! 
Friday bank holiday and I'm sat pondering what colour to paint my nails (I do clear shellac most of the time and just paint over that) and I saw this little bottle of neon greatness in my stash. It's only from primark and bought on a whim a while ago, whilst this colour isn't much on it's own with a coat of white underneath it looks amazing.
The drying time is shocking and the polish stinks, but it looks pretty!



The Sunday Snapshot... Fitness Update...

Sunday, 7 April 2013

A few months ago I posted about how I was going to get back into exercise, healthy eating and a bikini again. A couple of months in and I think it is time for an update. Whilst I am here I will say I am nowhere near what I want to be and feel like I am so far behind what I thought I would be, but I am still proud that I am making steps to where I want to be. 

The first aspect I'll talk you through is the gym. I used to work in a gym, an amazing one at that, and had free membership so it was easy to go after work etc and very easy to ask my colleagues for advice/training help. Fast forward to now and my new job means I have to pay for a membership. With work I can get corporate membership with the local council pool/leisure center which isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I pick my times to go to the gym as carefully as I can to avoid the "rush" and always book early onto classes to secure a place. Whilst in the gym I have started doing the couch to 5k app. I have never EVER been good at running but this has sparked a real interest in me and because it is interval training  I am not getting bored. Hopefully I will be able to run 5k soon! Other than that I use pretty much every cardio machine - favouring the bike and rowing machine. I also lift weights and alternate between free weights (my fave) and the machines (including cables). I may do some posts about my gym routines?

I've also discovered a new love for classes. Zumba fitness being my favourite. My instructor is crazy and it's all current music which I prefer. The classes are insanely fast (no namby pamby dancing here) and you build up a sweat like no other, especially when I wear my Zaggoras. Boxercise and Legs, Bums and Tums have also been ones that I now happily attend, boxercise being packed full of cardio and LBT being toning. I want to try kettlebells soon, anyone tried that? The final one I have developed a LOVE for in the last month is Spin. Whoooohooo now this class is tough. Spin is a high intensity cycle class basically. You cycle like a biatch for 45mins with the instructor changing the resistance on the bike and whether you stand or sit down. Plus today we also did abs exercises whilst cycling - eek!

At home I don't stick to any particular DVD plan, I have a range that I alternate and when I fancy doing them, well I just pop it on! These include the 30 day shred, insanity, Josie Gibson, Davina McCall etc. Do you have a favourite?

Eating wise I have cut down the rubbish, less carbs and more veg. I've found a new love for Melba Toast as a low calorie snack, around 100 cals for 10 of them and decided that I cannot follow a diet. They make me miserable. Lifestyle change is the way forward.

I have also been using some Maxitone products*. The protein shakes have been brilliant at aiding recovery from working out and I do notice less aches when I am drinking it. Unfortunalty I haven't been trialing them properly because I was not sent a shaker so had to whisk it up in a pint glass and even though I was promised one would be out soon I never heard anything back. Which meant that I was dragging out the powders so I would have some left to drink when the shaker arrived. I'm still waiting. So even though I can see a benefit from the powders I haven't tried them to their full potential.

In terms of the bikini I still have the "before" pictures and I haven't been brave enough to take more snaps. I have lost half a stone, but then my weight can fluctuate by half a stone on a daily basis anyway so I'm trying not to look at the scales. In terms of appearance I am wearing jeans that were previously too small for me - yey!! And a pair of size 10 trousers I had at a Next event fits me perfect (actually they are kinda too big) which is amazing. This may be too much info but today after my Sunday pamper session I stood infront of the mirror naked and actually saw that I am smaller. I almost cried with happiness, my efforts are starting to pay off. I noticed there are less lumps and bumps, I am smoother if that makes sense?

Wow, monster post, but writing it down keeps me motivated I guess!

Hope you have all had a lovely week!