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Monday, 29 April 2013

Welcome to a post about the BANE OF MY LIFE. Hair removal and all the problems that come with it. There are so many methods and I have tried a fair few in my times and there are pros and cons to every single one of them. Hair removal is such a personal agenda and please don't feel like I am saying one way is right over the other - I'm not! Oh also I'm not removing hair because I am pressured by society and all that jazz, I hate body hair, and I'll leave that statement at that. I'm going to talk about the methods I've tried in the order of the time the hair removal lasts from the shortest to the longest.


First of is probably the most popular method of shaving. I have a love hate relationship with shaving. It's so easy, cheap and convenient but to me it's also the most annoying. The great thing about shaving is you don't have to wait for the regrowth of the hair before you can whip it off! However for me there are SO many faults. The regrowth comes back so fast and if you believe some myths it comes back thicker, then you can get shaving rash which is annoying. On top of that there is the cost of constantly buying razors and boy does it hurt if you cut yourself. Oh and I don't use fancy shaving foams - cheap conditioner does the trick.

Hair Removal Cream

This is something that I remember my Mum using when I was younger. It used to stink the house out - remember when Veet was called Immac? Then when I was younger and too embarrassed to ask about hair removal I slapped a load on my legs and it promptly burnt me beyond belief, horrific. Rolls forward a good 5 years and I tried a few other brands. They aren't bad, the smells certainly have been improved and I am careful with the timings now. The finish is much smoother than shaving and I think it lasts a little longer but you do have to have slightly more regrowth.


Can anyone say OUCH? This is personally the most painful method I have tried. It's that green contraption in the photo and I bought it on offer from boots a few years ago. A one off payment for around £30 (there are more expensive ones, and fancier ones with cooling strips) you turn it on and roll it up and down the body part you want to de-fuzz. I've found a couple of ways that help, I put a hot water bottle on my legs before (or have a hot bath) and this helps to open the pore so the hairs can be plucked out easier. The results last a few weeks but you do have to have a good amount of regrowth before you can epilate. There are some that say they will pick out hair which is as small as a grain of sand, but I don't believe it.


This is my preferred method for long term results that I have tried so far, especially when someone else does it for me. You can buy your own strips from boots etc which do actually work fairly well. I just prefer to have someone else inflict the pain. If I am using home wax strips then I heat them with the hair dryer rather than in my hands so they work better. I've never been to a salon to have a wax as I know someone that comes to your home. I think that's easier and much more comfortable for my liking. Again the down side is the regrowth, the longer the better with waxing. Oh wouldn't it all be easier if it just went away for good, and that is where my next section comes in.

Laser Hair Removal

Permanent hair removal? YES PLEASE. As soon as I can afford it I think I will really look into it. There are a number of places that offer it, one is the sk:n clinics and to be honest the pricing isn't as bad as I thought it was. There are loads of offers on there so I guess I'd better start saving. Have any of you guys had it before? Does it work?

What is your favourite method of hair removal? It really is the bane of my life so any tips will be appreciated!



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