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Saturday, 13 April 2013
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Last week I probably had one of the best evenings in a long time. I was invited to sit on a beauty panel with 5 other bloggers in Belle Toujours, a fairly new salon/spa hybrid that has opened on Cathedral Road in Cardiff. Now I want to start of by saying that I did have a fantastic evening and even though the treatments I received were provided for free my opinions of the evening are 100% honest. The whole experience was just brilliant. So there we go, you know it's going to be a rave blog post from the start.

Belle Tourjours opened in November 2012 and it's in a Victorian townhouse. If you have ever seen Cathedral Road you will know what I mean when I say the buildings are pretty impressive, google earth it! Claire Bellamy wanted to create a destination where both women and men could have every beauty/hair need they could ever require under one roof, but with affordability being thought of at every stage. 

To be honest I hadn't heard about the salon at all until I had the email so I went straight over to the Belle Toujour website. I think a website can say a lot about a brand/company so I looked on every page to try and get a feel for the salon. I was really impressed with the site, simple but so stylish so I had high expectations and they were certainly met. I am looking for somewhere to go for my Christmas do in work so always had that on the back burner whilst there. 

belle toujours cardiff
The salon itself definitely has the WOW factor. When I walked in I was so surprised at the decor. I thought it was going to be generic "salon style" but it isn't. I love the black and white, especially the massive mirrors. Another nice touch is that the mirrors have shelves behind so the salon never looks cluttered. One of the treatments offered was to have a Joico K-Pac hair treatment. I had never heard of the treatment before but with dying my hair a lot I thought it would really help. The treatment involved a 4 step process, a clarifying shampoo, a step to smooth the hair folicles, a step to heal the hair from the inside and then one for the outside. The whole process took around 15 mins and has left me with the softest hair I have ever had. I also had my hair cut too - went for the full fringe - what do you think? I wasn't as nervous as I usually am in having my hair cut, Lauren really listened and I am so happy with the result! Side notes, the basin chairs have the massagers in them and there was no hard sell with the products used!
belle toujours cardiff
The second part of my evening was the most amazing back massage I have ever, ever, ever had. You get my drift.. it was amazing. Anyone who knows me will know that I suffer really badly with my back, there is a family history of problems and I hold all tension in my shoulders too. I see a chiropractor on a regular basis since the age of 13 so I was far too excited for this. First off the room, a little haven tucked away at the back of the building with again the most amazing decor. It is so calming I instantly relaxed in there and prepared for my massage. To be honest I could happily have stayed there all night. Rachel picked up on the problems in my back without me even telling her and adapted the massage to suit that. The Elemis products used were so luxurious but because Rachel is so knowledgeable the treatment is much more than "just a beauty treatment". I am going to go back in about 8 weeks to have another one and keep them up, I felt so much better afterwards.
belle toujours cardiffAnother surprise to the salon is that there is a whole area/room.. well almost floor dedicated to male grooming. Now I for one know that my boyfriend hates how "girly" hairdressers can be, unless you go to a walk in barbers when the luxury aspect completely goes out of the window, but here Belle Toujours have hit the nail on the head and created the perfect area for the men. Something to note as well, there is a lot of decorative things around the salon/spa but everything looked so clean. The place is so well maintained.

I know some people will be reading this thinking "yeah yeah, so where are the bad bits" well there are none. I would happily have paid for the treatments I had and I am in the future. I probably won't have my hair cut there unless it's a really special occasion, or the free fringe trim, but that is because my boyfriends mum is a hairdresser and times are hard with needing to save every penny (although I really enjoyed being pampered - head massage FTW!) but I most certainly am going back for another massage and the rest. The prices are so reasonable, I was afraid things were going to cost a bomb, have a look for yourselves and let me know what you think.

I did vlog some of the day and I'm going to put up the footage soon!



  1. Sounds lovely! I love it when you genuinely see no noticeable flaws with a place! :) x

  2. This sounds amazing! Your hair looks lovely too xx

  3. Sounds lush! I have never had a back massage but I really want one!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  4. Looks amazing and your fringe is cute x

  5. Lets go for a back massage!!!! xo