Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Nails... Barry M Textured Nail Paint...

barry m nail paint textured
barry m nail paint textured on nail
BarryM Textured Nail Paint - £3.99

Words cannot express how much I hate this effect, I don't want to turn this into a rambley nightmare post so will keep it short and sweet. The feel goes through me, I applied this and then took it off within a day because it went through me when the polish scrapped the bed sheets (actually giving me goosebumps typing that). Then throughout the day the polish just became dirty, I work with money so my hands do get grubby but I use a hand gel to stop this, but this nail polish just started to turn grubby, bleugh!
Just horrible, I will not be buying anymore and this is going straight to my younger cousin so she can mess around with it! 

The one postitive?? I did like the colour - Kingsland Road.

What do you think to this nail effect? I imagine I would have the same thoughts about velvet nails too!




  1. I haven't even tried textured polishes but I felt them on one of my friend's nails when she tried it out and I really didn't like the feel of it. Sometimes I think who wants nail polish that looks like you've messed it up. Pretty colour though!

  2. I thought I'd hate it but couldn't resist giving it a go so I picked it up in the mint green shade (Ridley Road) I didn't find it that bad if I'm honest! I only used it on one accent nail though, so maybe that's why? Completely agree with the velvet/fur nails though - just the thought makes my teeth feel funny!

    Jess xo

  3. I think it kind of looks like you have just painted you nails really badly and they are all smudged, yet that is how it is meant to look! Don't really fancy it myself to be honest, nice idea though.

  4. i haven't tried this but i've read nothing but bad reviews so i'll think i'll give it a miss! thanks for the heads up :) x

  5. I have this colour from barry m, but not in the textured effect. The regular colour is great, it looks really glossy and shimmery, I don't know why they have added the textured effect! so strange! lovely post!


  6. My nails go like this when I am in a rush and apply coats that are too thick. I will never pay to make my nails look like this!



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