The Sunday Snapshot... Fitness Update...

Sunday, 7 April 2013

A few months ago I posted about how I was going to get back into exercise, healthy eating and a bikini again. A couple of months in and I think it is time for an update. Whilst I am here I will say I am nowhere near what I want to be and feel like I am so far behind what I thought I would be, but I am still proud that I am making steps to where I want to be. 

The first aspect I'll talk you through is the gym. I used to work in a gym, an amazing one at that, and had free membership so it was easy to go after work etc and very easy to ask my colleagues for advice/training help. Fast forward to now and my new job means I have to pay for a membership. With work I can get corporate membership with the local council pool/leisure center which isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I pick my times to go to the gym as carefully as I can to avoid the "rush" and always book early onto classes to secure a place. Whilst in the gym I have started doing the couch to 5k app. I have never EVER been good at running but this has sparked a real interest in me and because it is interval training  I am not getting bored. Hopefully I will be able to run 5k soon! Other than that I use pretty much every cardio machine - favouring the bike and rowing machine. I also lift weights and alternate between free weights (my fave) and the machines (including cables). I may do some posts about my gym routines?

I've also discovered a new love for classes. Zumba fitness being my favourite. My instructor is crazy and it's all current music which I prefer. The classes are insanely fast (no namby pamby dancing here) and you build up a sweat like no other, especially when I wear my Zaggoras. Boxercise and Legs, Bums and Tums have also been ones that I now happily attend, boxercise being packed full of cardio and LBT being toning. I want to try kettlebells soon, anyone tried that? The final one I have developed a LOVE for in the last month is Spin. Whoooohooo now this class is tough. Spin is a high intensity cycle class basically. You cycle like a biatch for 45mins with the instructor changing the resistance on the bike and whether you stand or sit down. Plus today we also did abs exercises whilst cycling - eek!

At home I don't stick to any particular DVD plan, I have a range that I alternate and when I fancy doing them, well I just pop it on! These include the 30 day shred, insanity, Josie Gibson, Davina McCall etc. Do you have a favourite?

Eating wise I have cut down the rubbish, less carbs and more veg. I've found a new love for Melba Toast as a low calorie snack, around 100 cals for 10 of them and decided that I cannot follow a diet. They make me miserable. Lifestyle change is the way forward.

I have also been using some Maxitone products*. The protein shakes have been brilliant at aiding recovery from working out and I do notice less aches when I am drinking it. Unfortunalty I haven't been trialing them properly because I was not sent a shaker so had to whisk it up in a pint glass and even though I was promised one would be out soon I never heard anything back. Which meant that I was dragging out the powders so I would have some left to drink when the shaker arrived. I'm still waiting. So even though I can see a benefit from the powders I haven't tried them to their full potential.

In terms of the bikini I still have the "before" pictures and I haven't been brave enough to take more snaps. I have lost half a stone, but then my weight can fluctuate by half a stone on a daily basis anyway so I'm trying not to look at the scales. In terms of appearance I am wearing jeans that were previously too small for me - yey!! And a pair of size 10 trousers I had at a Next event fits me perfect (actually they are kinda too big) which is amazing. This may be too much info but today after my Sunday pamper session I stood infront of the mirror naked and actually saw that I am smaller. I almost cried with happiness, my efforts are starting to pay off. I noticed there are less lumps and bumps, I am smoother if that makes sense?

Wow, monster post, but writing it down keeps me motivated I guess!

Hope you have all had a lovely week!




  1. Congratulations , hope it continues to go well for you ! That spin class sounds tough !!!!!!

    Beautiful Dreams

  2. Yay! I'm so happy for you! I'm glad you're doing these posts, they keep me motivated as well! Have you tried spaghetti squash? I've been using it as a pasta substitute - it's fantastic!

    xx GirlMeetsGlamourWorld xx

  3. AHH congrats! I really want to do more free weights at the gym but I'm SCARED D: xx