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Sunday, 28 April 2013


orange shoes
Shoes - She Likes *

I've decided this week is going to be a catch up Sunday Snapshot post. Blogging has been a bit few and far between AGAIN, working full time and then gymming most nights really takes it out of me and with the change in where I work meaning no full days off in the week anymore I'm finding it hard, the motivation has just about gone.

However, a visit from Leanne and taking some snaps on her camera, coupled with a Cardiff blogger meet up and the motivation has crept back. 

I thought i'd use this post to update you on some happens, mainly to do with animals if you couldn't tell! This time last week I lost my precious Marli, I found her curled up asleep in her bed and I am heartbroken. I adopted her last January when a colleague could no longer take care of her and she really was hilarious. My animals feature heavily on my blog so felt the need to share. The messages on twitter, facebook and instagram were so lovely, thank you.

Her cage remained empty for 4 days, the emptiness really gets to me, after my Louis died his cage was only empty for 2 days until Gusgus came into my life. I love having a home filled with animals to love so it wasn't long before I was contemplating who would fill the empty cage. My thoughts then changed to owning Dwarf Hamsters instead of a Syrian. I wanted a change and also a challenge as I've never owned them before. 

They is a pretty hilarious story to how I ended up with Jaq and Lucifer (brownie points if you know where their names are from!!) but I might save that for a youtube video, it's just easier! It's their 8 week birthday today, so Happy Birthday you two... I can't wait for the challenges and fun times the next 3 years will hold for us. It's love. Marli will forever be loved, as Louis will be.

Onto something more materialistic than animals and that would be these amazing shoes that arrived on Saturday morning. HELLO ZARA DUPES for only £27!!!! I've tried them on and they are really easy to walk in too. Bonus.

Hope you have all had lovely weeks, look out for reviews, OOTDs and a vlog of the Cardiff meet up this week. Oh and Leanne also filmed me getting ready today (THAT sounds creepy ha) so here is to more adventurous Youtube videos.



  1. Awwwww they are so cuuute!! I've been begging my mum to let me have a dwarf hamster for ages! But she says they smell too much :(


  2. The best hamstaaar pictures I've ever seen!!x

  3. Waaaah I LOVE these shoes! I want them but I don't like wearing open toe shoes! I'm missing out! X

  4. And we'll make a lovely dress for Cinderelly!
    (Sorry I also love that movie, the names are so cute :) )

  5. Aww I keep saying I'm going to get a hamster when I move house - Gusgus is too cute, love the name! X