The Thirfty Post... 30 ways to save £1...

Monday, 29 April 2013
Since moving out and having to pay for everything from rent to cotton wool now I am always on the look out to save money. I heard about the Money Saving Expert 30 ways to save £1 to mark the anniversary of the £1 and I thought I'd give it a go! Read more about it here.

1. This is more one of the beauty bloggers amoung us. SHOP YOUR STASH. I have so many pink lipsticks it is ridiculous, I really don't need the same shade from every brand.

2. Don't fall for the "hype". There are so many posts I read and I immediately think "I need" and want to run out to the shop, but give it a week and then I actually realise that I didn't need that product after all.

3. Ignore the emails from brands. Sometimes I do need things and the discount codes actually come in handy, but they are there to make you spend - DELETE.

4. One for the workers - take a packed lunch to work. You will save hundreds in a year.

5. If you work in a town center do not go out shopping on your lunch, I used to do this loads and was spending so much. I started to go out for a walk only or read a book somewhere.

6. Students - sign up for a student card and student forums, there are loads of hints and tips for saving money.

7. Get advantage cards, for example boots and nectar cards. Every so often I have built up enough points to get a full tank of petrol or a whole months of essentials from boots.

8. Don't dismiss the supermarkets own brands. I am guilty of this, I am a shopping snob but to be honest there are some hidden gems there. Especially girly items (and I am saying no more).

9. Take advantage of the buy in bulk options, but be smart about it. Sometimes it works out cheaper (my rabbits food) and also sometimes it doesn't and there are some sneaky supermarkey pricings that means you pay more.

10. Buy a load of reduced products from the supermarket and freeze it. It's what we do with our meat and then we eat it throughout the month - it's fine! Just don't keep it too long.

11. Do your food shop online. I am so tempted to "just add this" to my trolley in a supermarket but you can't do that online. Also most of the time the supermarket saves your shop so you can see what you buy each month.

12. Shop at clearance stores.... See this post and I shall let it do all the talking. 

13. In general always shop around, there is pretty much always another shop that will do it cheaper.

14. Shop in charity shops, I found a winter coat last year for £1. Yes £1.

15. Boot sales (and then ebay!) you can save money and make money there!

16. Take advantage of loyalty schemes like back to mac and the lush scheme that allows you to take back empty pots in return for a facemask.

17. Invest in a travel mug and take your own coffee or tea. Think how much a take out coffee costs and then times it by how many times you buy it in a month. Wow.

18. Review your direct debits, phone contracts, gas & water suppliers... can you get things for cheaper? Are you using all those minutes you have?

19. Try not to be drawn into 3for2 offers. I was guilty of it this weekend, I only needed one item (and it was a trial) but I immediately picked up the three of them. I didn't need all of them!

20. Unless it's something that you use a lot of, in that case STOCK UP!

21. Always take snacks with you, I always get the munchies so have a pack of breakfast biscuits with me at all times.

22. Always carry a bottle of water - same reasons as above.

23. In Wales we have to pay for carrier bags so I always have some in my handbag. It's saved me loads over the past few months.

24. Download vouchers apps and always google to see if there is a valid voucher code for what you are buying. Who wouldn't want money off for the sake of typing in 5 letters?

25. Research things before you buy. Sometimes a review will tell you that the item you want either isn't good or wouldn't be good for you!

26. Grow your own veg! I love having a lettuce plant in the flat and it means I don't have a bag of gone off lettuce in the fridge which I have to replace all the time.

27. Join a library. There are so many amazing books and other resources in libraries so take advantage of them rather than buying a book you won't read again.

28. Sort out a staple wardrobe so you have fewer items but they go with everything so you get your wear out of items.

29. Do a meal planner so you only buy the foods you need for the week/month.

30. Sign up to Money Saving Expert. I thought that would have been obvious ;)

Do you have any more tips??




  1. Great tips. We all waste a lot and can do better by following your sensible ideas. I recently cleaned out my closet and found several wonderful old dresses I'd forgotten I own!

  2. i have one - if you do shop online sign up to topcashback as you can get money back from doing abit of online retail therapy when ever you do. :) x